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team picture is a “Do It Yourself” platform that helps you draft legal documents and contracts online. Choose a document template, fill in the details, preview the document and get the latest documents updated. Based on your requirements, we will help you in printing the documents on Stamp Paper and delivering it to your doorstep. is built, operated and owned by Desk Nine Pvt. Ltd. Our office is headquartered in Bengaluru, and also operates from Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi. The team includes legal professionals, product designers, software developers, internet marketers, sales honchos and customer engagement specialists.

We love taking up challenges, working towards our commitments and raising the bar when it comes to providing you with the best in Customer Experience (CX). We strive to improve our services continually in order to serve the customer better. We’re all ears when it comes to receiving feedback from our customers. Connect with and we’ll take care of all your legal drafting requirements.

Founder’s Bio


Krupesh Bhat

Founder, CEO

Krupesh Bhat is a die-hard entrepreneur with over 20 years of professional expertise in IT, Digital marketing, including legal functional framework. During his stay in the United States he became passionate about the power of using technology to solve Government and Legal problems and as a result, he founded and later, which help in creating and signing legal documents online. He holds an MBA from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Computer Science from Kuvempu University.

Ashok Kadsur


Ashok Kadsur is a result oriented professional with over 20 years of extensive and diversified experience in Sales & Marketing. He has worked with Enterprise Solutions, Media, Telecom, IT & Web-based Services. Ashok is known to set up new businesses for multiple organisations in the early stages and help turn around businesses profitably. Through business development, strategic planning, P&L ownership experience and relationship management, he has been able to help grow businesses at scale. At, he is Co-Founder and heads Sales and Strategic Planning. He holds a Bachelors in Science from Kuvempu University.


Team LegalDesk

The rapid progress of the is credited to the go-getting spirit of the young, virtuous team with a rhapsodic mix of skill-sets and values.

The team that finds joy in each other’s genius. And the one that believes in the common aim of helping the entire country find simplicity in legal services.

These virtues were deservedly honoured by Business Today when it awarded with India’s Coolest Startup Award 2017.

Why Choose

Almost all legal documents and deeds are available under one roof across India. We can cater to most of your legal needs. Whether you’re a landowner looking for rental agreement or an entrepreneur scouting for the founder’s agreement or any other legal documents, you’ve landed at the right place. You can do it all by yourself without any intervention. Just read, fill in the details and get your customized legal documents in minutes.

You may argue why to use our services when you have it all stored as word files in your computer. But, how up to date are they? Are they in conformity with the latest laws? Do they cover the most hidden aspect of your client? Now, let us tell you how important our services are:

  • Easy access to various forms and deeds that can be customised by you
  • Instructions to guide you through every step, every page
  • Affordable pricing plans that will help you save money
  • In conformity with trends and amendments in law
  • Assistance in customizing forms as per your requirements

With, you get to –

  • Save money & time by cutting back lawyer fees and skipping visits to lawyers
  • Be safe and secure, as our forms are drafted by expert legal professionals
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