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Affidavit For Change Of Name Of Minor

Nowadays, one roadblock many parents run into is choosing good names for their children. While some parents do an extensive research and brainstorming before selecting names for their children, some parents tend to change the names at a later stage.

While anyone above 18 years of age can opt for name change on his/her own accord by following certain formalities, in case of a minor (below 18 years of age), only the parents will have the right to change his/her name. A minor’s name can be changed by his/her parent(s) for various reasons including personal preference, numerology, astrology, inclusion of surname, change of surname (divorce or remarriage of parents), etc. Whatever the reason be, the first and foremost step of the procedure of minor’s name change would be to create an affidavit for change of name of minor.

Affidavit For Change of Name of Minor


When To Use An Affidavit For Change Of Name Of Minor?

As the name suggests, an affidavit for change of name of minor is intended for a minor child whose name has to be changed/corrected. The minor’s parent(s) has to make this affidavit.

What To Include In The Name Change Affidavit For Minor?

An Affidavit For Change of Name of Minor has to include the details listed below:

  • Name, Age and Address of parent making the affidavit
  • Spouse’s name (if the minor’s father is making the affidavit then mention mother’s name and vice versa)
  • Name, date of birth and place of birth of the minor
  • Old name and new name of the minor
  • Reason for name change
  • Signature of the deponent
  • Date of making the affidavit

How To Make An Affidavit For Change Of Name Of Minor?

The affidavit can be made using the following steps:

  1. The affidavit should be drafted by including all the details mentioned above. You can simply use our ready to use template by clicking the ‘CREATE DOCUMENT’ button.
  2. It should be printed on Stamp paper of recommended value.
  3. It has to be signed by the parent(s) who is making the affidavit (known as deponent).
  4. It should be attested by a Notary Public or an Advocate S.E.M. or an Oaths Commissioner.

Publication In Newspapers

Once the affidavit is ready, the very next step in the name change of minor includes placing an advertisement in any newspaper. We at LegalDesk will be glad to help you with publishing name change ad in newspaper too.

Name Change Package

We, at, help you in the entire process involved name change of a minor or major, starting from the drafting of name change affidavit to submitting for Central Gazette notification.

Create Affidavit For Change Of Name Of Minor

In order to draft the affidavit quickly, you can make use of the ready to use affidavit templates available with LegalDesk. As the templates have been drafted by our in-house legal experts, they are undoubtedly valid and are time-saving too. Just choose your state and click the button ‘CREATE DOCUMENT’ to get started. Once you enter your details in the form and choose home-delivery option, we will print the affidavit on Stamp paper and deliver it to your doorstep.

    Poornima says: posted on 07 Jul, 2017

    Hi, changing name in birth certificate is a different procedure. But first, mention details such as – how old is the child? And does he/she has any important documents like Passport or Aadhaar is done? If yes in which name?

    parul jain says: posted on 06 Jul, 2017

    After doing all these procedures mentioned above..Is the name changed in the birth certificate itself of a minor or we have to show the notification published in the gazette everywhere for reference?

    Sirisha says: posted on 29 Jun, 2017

    I’m Sirisha . my parents changed my name when I was minor( it was not legally registed ). All my schooling certificate shows Sirisha but i had a property with my old name ( tulasi). I had no certificate with the name tulasi . so what I have to do know ?

    Ravindra Mujumale says: posted on 23 Mar, 2017

    I would like to know what documents have been submitted by my family for affidavit no C-21101 for name change of my child.

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 06 Mar, 2017

    Only affidavit wouldn’t suffice for minor’s legal name change. You will have to get it published in Gazette to avoid hassles while applying for passport, etc. We can make the process easier for you. Click the link given and submit your details to get our Name Change Package [ ] Hope this helps…

    Wasim Khan says: posted on 23 Feb, 2017

    Is it really this simple to change the name for kids? Me as a parent i want to change the name of my kids, we need to change the name in School, Passport and Aadhar. will only affidavit will work? Please suggest the correct process

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