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Affidavit For Domicile Certificate

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If you are asked to provide a proof to show that you have been a continuous resident of a particular State or a Union Territory for a specific period for some reason, then you will need your Domicile Certificate. To obtain the certificate, you will have to create an Affidavit for Domicile Certificate.

A domicile certificate is a proof that the bearer of the certificate is a resident of a certain state or country by which the Certificate has been issued. Domicile certificate may be required to apply for passport or ration card, to avail seat for educational institutions under domicile quota or while applying for few jobs, etc.


When To Use?

As already mentioned, an affidavit for domicile certificate is necessary if you are applying for a domicile certificate.

Who Should Make The Affidavit?

Anybody planning to obtain a domicile certificate, who has been a permanent resident of a particular state, and also holds valid proof of address and identity, can create the affidavit for domicile certificate. However, for married women, there is an exception. A woman who does not originally belong to a state, but is married to a man who is a permanent resident of the state or who is eligible for the state’s domicile certificate, is also eligible to obtain domicile certificate.

What To Include?

An affidavit For domicile certificate has to include the details listed below:

  • Name, age and address of the person making the affidavit (deponent)
  • Father’s name or spouse’s name and details (if the deponent is a married woman and not a permanent resident of the state in which she wants to claim domicile certificate)
  • The number of months/years that the deponent has stayed in the address mentioned and the exact period of stay
  • Purpose for which domicile certificate is required
  • A declaration by the deponent stating that (s)he has not concealed any information and that all supporting documents produced are genuine
  • Signature of the deponent
  • Date on which the affidavit is made

How To Make An Affidavit For Domicile Certificate?

The affidavit for domicile certificate can be made using the steps given below:

  • The affidavit should be neatly drafted. (You can simply use the template by clicking the ‘CREATE DOCUMENT’ button.)
  • It should be printed on Stamp paper of recommended value.
  • The document has to be signed by the person who is making the affidavit (known as deponent).
  • It should be attested by a Notary Public or an Advocate S.E.M. or an Oaths Commissioner.

Create With LegalDesk

By using our ready to use format of Domicile Affidavit, you can create the affidavit by yourself with just a few clicks. Besides this, we also have various other templates of affidavits online as well as many personal and business related legal documents. You have to just fill in the details in the form and either download a soft copy or place an order for home delivery.

69/- Plus Delivery Charges