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Address Proof Affidavit

Affidavits are documents used to declare facts in writing and can either be used as support documents or as evidence in Courts. An affidavit for proof of address or simply affidavit of residence is a document is that is used to legally prove a person’s address.

Affidavits of residence require the deponent to mention the following details

  • Permanent address
  • Current address
  • Police station under which the residence falls
  • Post office under which the deponent’s residence falls
  • Circle, ward and district to which the deponent’s residence belongs

When To Use Address Proof Affidavit?

Affidavit of residence is widely used and is needed on many occasions. For individuals who have no address proof document, an affidavit of residence will be needed to prove that they reside in the address they claim. This affidavit could also be required while applying for the following –

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Pan card
  • Bail
  • Evidence claim

Above list covers only some of the instances in which an affidavit of residence is needed.

How To Use An Address Proof Affidavit?

With our pre-drafted form, you can now create an affidavit of residence with a few clicks. Fill in relevant details into the form and review the document once you are done. You can then print the document yourself on stamp paper or your can let us print it on stamp paper and deliver the document to you.

How To Make It Legally Enforceable And Valid?

Once you get your hands on the printed document, swear before an official who has power to witness an oath and get it attested. You’re done!

    vikas says: posted on 05 Jun, 2017

    Address Proof Affidavit

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 06 Mar, 2017

    If you do not have any valid proof of residence, then you can create an affidavit of address proof. Select your State and click CREATE DOCUMENT to start creating it.

    Max says: posted on 21 Feb, 2017

    Is it really provide those documents???
    bcoZ if it does… then i need my ADDRESS PROOF from NOTERY PUBLIC

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