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Affidavit For Claim Settlement In Bank

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Following the death of an individual, the spouse/ family members typically inherit all the money left behind by the deceased. The spouse/ family member in question will be expected to file what is called as an Affidavit for Claim Settlement to the required bank.

Such an affidavit will contain a declaration part and an affirmation part. The document will also contain the date of death of the deceased. Some banks may even ask for the death certificate.

When To Use Affidavit For Claim Settlement In Bank?

An affidavit for claim settlement in bank is used typically when a depositor dies. The family members, or more often the spouse, of the deceased individual often stands the right to inherit whatever money is left behind in the bank account of the deceased.

Similar affidavits are also prepared to gain access to bank lockers and also for termination of term deposits.

How To Use?

To prepare an affidavit for claim settlement, you can simply fill in your details into our comprehensive, pre-drafted form. Post filling in your details, do a thorough review and print it on stamp paper of designated value. Alternatively, you can simply prepare the document online and allow us to handle the printing. We shall print it on stamp paper of required value and deliver it to an address of your choice once the document is ready.

How To Make It Legally Enforceable And Valid?

To make the affidavit valid, you must print it on stamp paper and swear before an official who has the power to witness a swearing. The official then attests the affidavit, making it a valid legal document.

168/- Plus Delivery Charges