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Affidavit For No Criminal Offense

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As the name suggests, the Affidavit for No Criminal Offense is made to affirm that the person making it (deponent) has no criminal cases lodged against him/her in the past.

This Affidavit for No Criminal Offense can also be referred to as Affidavit for Declaration of Non-Criminal Record.

When To Use An Affidavit For Non-Criminal Record?

Affidavit for No Criminal Offense is required when someone is being given a responsible position in government authorities or when someone takes part in elections. Also, many reputed companies ask for this affidavit as a part of their joining formalities while recruiting new employees.

How To Create An Affidavit For No Criminal Offense?

The Affidavit for No Criminal Offense can be created by following these steps:

  1. Draft the affidavit covering all the necessary points.
  2. Get it printed on a stamp paper of minimum value.
  3. Place your signature.
  4. Get it notarised.

What Should Be Included In It?

The Affidavit for Declaration of Non-Criminal Record should have these-

  1. Full name of the deponent
  2. Father’s name or husband’s name
  3. Full residential address
  4. A declaration of the deponent stating that there is no criminal record against him/her.
  5. Signature of the deponent
  6. Date when the affidavit is made
  7. Notary seal and signature

For Passport Applicants

Every passport applicant in India is required to submit ‘no criminal offense affidavit’ in the form of Annexure I. It is also used to declare the applicant’s citizenship and family details.

The passport applicants are required to submit different annexures for different purpose, the formats of which should be as given by the Passport Authority. One such annexure is Annexure I, which is required to be submitted by every passport applicant declaring his/her basic personal details including name, date of birth, parents’ name, spouse’s name, citizenship details along with a declaration stating that there is no criminal case pending against the applicant. Since this annexure itself works as a no-criminal record affidavit, the passport applicants need not submit another affidavit for the same purpose.

How To Make It Valid And Legally Enforceable?

The Affidavit for No Criminal Offense has to be formed on a Stamp paper and duly signed by a notary to make it legally valid.

To create an Affidavit for No Criminal Offense, all you have to do you can place an order with us and our customer service team will get back to you. We also get it printed on a stamp paper and get it delivered to you, following which you will have to sign the document and that’s it. Your affidavit will be ready to use.

168/- Plus Delivery Charges