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Affidavit For Proof Of Income

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Affidavits are sworn written statements that are chiefly used as support documents for applications or as evidence in courts. The individual who creates the affidavit is referred to as the deponent and he must swear that the contents in the affidavit are true to the best of his knowledge before an official who has the power to witness an oath.

A typical affidavit has two parts, a declaration and an affirmation. Keep in mind that swearing of an incorrect affidavit will be considered as fabrication and is a punishable offence.

What are affidavits for proof of income?

Several such occasions arise in our day to day life where families have to declare their annual income to various authorities. Affidavits for proof of income are legal documents which are used to declare your family’s income.

These are special types of affidavits which can be used as proof in courts for family cases. If the deponent makes any false or untrue statements in the affidavit, he/she can be charged guilty of perjury and contempt of court.

When to use?

Many occasions will arise where affidavits declaring your family’s income will need to be presented. Some of them are-

  • Family law cases
  • Support for affidavit of sponsor
  • Declaring forma pauperis

Several other occasions also call for the filing of an affidavit for proof of income.

How to use?

An affidavit for proof of income, like any other legal document must be drafted carefully. It is vital that the document should not contain statements that have no basis or statements that are incorrect. The content of the affidavit must be confined to facts that the deponent can prove. Never include facts based on information outside of deponent’s knowledge or based on information received from elsewhere.

When you use our pre-drafted form, you have to ensure that your name and your address are clearly entered Once you finish filling the form with relevant details, you can either print it yourself or you can let us print and deliver it to you.

How to make it legally enforceable and valid?

The Oaths Act 1969 governs the validation of affidavits. The Act tells us which courts and which officials have the power to witness and validate an affidavit. Once you have a print out of the document you prepared (on Stamp paper), get a Notary to attest it. This should make your document valid.

168/- Plus Delivery Charges