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Annexure D Affidavit For Passport

Owing to a slew of changes in the passport provisions by the Ministry of External Affairs, we have discontinued all passport related services till we update the website with new forms. We regret the Inconvenience.

Annexure D is an affidavit that should be made by a married woman who desires to change her name after marriage while applying for the Indian passport. This affidavit should be made jointly by the husband and wife for getting the name of the wife changed after marriage while applying for the wife’s passport.

How To Make An Affidavit Annexure-D

To make an Annexure D affidavit, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Print the drafted affidavit on a Stamp paper of minimum denomination available. Typically Stamp papers of Rs.10/- or 20/- denominations are used.
  • Place signatures of the husband and the wife at the bottom of the affidavit.
  • Affix a joint photo of the husband and wife.
  • Get the affidavit attested by the Judicial First class Magistrate or Executive Magistrate or a Notary public.

Who Should Make The Annexure-D

Annexure D can be made by any woman who is married and wants to change her name after marriage. Hence, if you are married and are planning to take on your husband’s after marriage, then you can fill the Annexure D and attach it to your passport application.

What are The Requirements To Be Filled

Annexure D should include the following details:

  • Name of the wife who is one applicant.
  • Name of the husband who is the other applicant
  • Common residential address of both the applicants
  • Date of marriage of the two applicants
  • Act or Law under which the marriage was conducted
  • The changed or new name of the wife after marriage
  • The joint photo of the applicants. Ideally the wedding photo to prove the wedding

Create Your Own Annexure-D Affidavit

Are you a married woman? Do you want to change your maiden name to a new name after marriage or do you want to add your husband’s name to your maiden name? Do you wish to apply for your passport with your changed name? If you would love to do all these things but are unaware of how to get about it, visit LegalDesk! Passport Affidavits are definitely a time consuming task. So don’t break your head trying to search for agents or lawyers. provides ready-to-use passport Annexure D made as per the passport office guidelines. We can event print your affidavit on Stamp paper and mail it to you.

    Pardeep kumar says: posted on 19 Jan, 2018

    Sir ,
    My wife’s name was neelam kapahi before marriage. After marriage we changed her name to Priya Arora. We got married in the year 1997. She has to make her passport with her present name I.e. Priya Arora. Is there a need to get it published in gazzate of India.

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 04 May, 2017

    Your wife’s name change can be notified in Gazette first since her actual name is changed and not the surname. To opt our name change package, click this link and submit your details – .

    Venkat Suresh says: posted on 19 Apr, 2017

    Dear sir, recently i got married .. my wife name is aswini & my name is venkata suresh babu But astrologist suggested me don’t use her existing name, use new name venkata aswini i want to add venkata infornt of her name. Till now i not done my marriage registration .so kindly suggest me weather i want to change her name before marriage registration or after marriage registration…

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 16 Mar, 2017

    Passport rules have been revised recently. Now you don’t have to make this Annexure D. You probably have to give a declaration on white paper. Please check with nearest PSK for further details.

    Somen Sarkar says: posted on 15 Mar, 2017

    My passport has my spouse’s name as ‘Sarmistha Sen’ – the surname is of her own family prior to marriage. Now she wants to apply for her own passport with my family surname i.e. as “Sarmistha Sarkar”. She has her address proof (aadhar) under this name and can possibly get the passport as Sarmistha Sarkar, but there will be a discrepancy in my passport. My query is-

    a) If she can get the passport with Aadhar documents as “S. Sarkar”, do we need to do the Affidavit still?
    b) If we can do without Affidavit, is Marriage certificate (which we have) sufficient proof of being the same person?

    Please suggest the simplest option without hassle in my scenario. As mentioned initally, I have my passport and want to apply for my Wife and 4 year old son’s.

    With regards,
    Somen Sarkar

    Divya Reddy says: posted on 17 Jan, 2017

    Dear sir, Your wife can make the one and the same person affidavit stating that both the names belongs to her. Please know more about One and the same person affidavit by following this link:-

    Chetan Saxena says: posted on 08 Jan, 2017

    hi, I am a guy who reside in Gurgaon ,my Name is XXXX YYYY Saxena and my Wife Name is XXXXX Dubey, we got married in year 2011, in Indore MP. my Wife was willing to Have both surname as Dueby Saxena so we added Her name XXXXX Dubey saxena in our marriage certificate. we Got a baby in year 2014 In his Birth certificate the hospital added Surname of my wife as XXXXX Saxena, i thought i will change her surname from Dubey Saxena to Saxena in Future so i introduced her Name with Surname of SAXENA in my passport. still her original IDs are with Dubey only.
    next year i have to get admission of my Son to school, for that i will have to submit birth certificate, now please suggest me whether i should i do ? 1. keeping her surname as “Saxena” to iline with Passport and Birth certificate, then i have to amend her surname in Marriage certificate and later on her all legal documents to be amended as per Marriage certificate. 2 keep her surname Dubey , the i have to change her surname in Birth certificate of my SOn and amend it in my Passport. Kindly advice

    Changing Your Name in India - A 3 Steps Process says: posted on 13 Nov, 2015

    […] You can use our drafts to to make name change affidavit online, change name after marriage, or Annexure D affidavit if you need name change after marriage while applying for a passport. The affidavit should mention […]

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