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Annexure-F Certificate For Passport

Owing to a slew of changes in the passport provisions by the Ministry of External Affairs, we have discontinued all passport related services till we update the website with new forms. We regret the Inconvenience.

Annexure F is a verification certificate which is issued by a verifying authority. This Annexure concerns with applications under the Tatkal scheme only. The Annexure F certificate has to be submitted alongwith the application for passport and also the Annexure I affidavit.

The verification certificate Annexure F, certifies the moral character, reputation and permanent address of the passport applicant.

How To Make Annexure F Certificate?

The procedure to make an Annexure F certificate is as follows:

  • Fill in your details into the pre-drafted Annexure F certificate on LegalDesk
  • Print it on the official letterhead of the verifying authority
  • Sign the certificate at the designated places
  • Place the seal of the verifying authority

Who Should Make Annexure F?

Annexure F should be made by any individual who is applying for an Indian passport under the Tatkaal scheme.

What Details should be Included?

While making an Annexure F, you will need to include the following details:

  • Applicant’s name, Applicant’s Father’s/Husband’s name
  • Date of birth of the applicant
  • Place of birth of the applicant
  • Educational qualification of the applicant
  • Profession of the applicant
  • Permanent address and present address of the applicant
  • Office address of the applicant
  • Designation of the applicant
  • Contact details of the applicant like mobile number, Fax number, email id etc
  • ID card details of the applicant
  • Xerox copy of the ID card submitted
  • Acknowledgement of the good morals and reputation of the applicant by the verifying authority is mandatory
  • Acknowledgement that the applicant stays in the present address is also to be included.

Create Your Annexure F Online

Making Annexure F is mandatory while applying for passport under the Tatkaal scheme. It requires the verifying authority to declare that the morals and reputation of the applicant are good. It also should clearly mention that the applicant is residing at the present address and since when. All this requires a thorough knowledge of the words to be used in the verifying certificate. LegalDesk is here to help out all those who intend to get their passport affidavits while applying for passport. You just need to click the link below to make the Annexure-F certificate within minutes online. But please note, that it has to be printed on the official letterhead of the verifying authority only.

    Poornima says: posted on 29 Jul, 2017

    Hi, this Annexure F is no more in use. Kindly contact PSK to know which annexure you would need.

    Smitakshi Barborai says: posted on 26 Jul, 2017

    I need to fill Annexure F

    Naufal Jamal says: posted on 22 Jul, 2017

    Need Annexure F for stolen passport

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