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Annexure-G Affidavit For Passport

Owing to a slew of changes in the passport provisions by the Ministry of External Affairs, we have discontinued all passport related services till we update the website with new forms. We regret the Inconvenience.

Annexure G is an affidavit which is to be submitted to the passport office when any single parent is applying for the passport of his/her minor child without getting consent from his/her spouse.

How To Make The Affidavit?

  1. Prepare Annexure G draft to make the affidavit online by filling your details into our pre-drafted form which can be accessed by clicking the ‘CREATE DOCUMENT’ button given at the beginning and end of this page.
  2. Print the draft on a stamp paper of minimum available denominations like Rs.10/- or 20/- value.
  3. Get the Affidavit attested by the First Class Judicial Magistrate or the Executive Magistrate.

Who Should Make Annexure G?

Annexure G is an affidavit which should be made under the following circumstances:

  • If you are a single parent, either the mother or the father of the minor child, And
  • If you are applying for the passport for the minor
  • If the other parent of the minor does not give consent to sign in the passport or apply for it.

Hence, if you are going to apply for the passport in India for your minor son/daughter and you are unable to obtain the signature and consent of the other parent, then you can avail this Annexure to complete your application.

What Are The Requirements To Create Annexure G?

  • First and foremost, you need to mention whether you are the father or mother of the minor in whose name the passport application is being prepared.
  • Next, provide the name, address and other relevant details of the minor
  • Name of the other parent who is unwilling to provide consent to the application for the passport.

Create Your Passport Affidavits Online

Making a passport affidavit is not an easy task because you need to fill the right information on the right form, get it printed on Stamp Paper of due value and then finally, get it attested by First Class Judicial Magistrate or the Executive Magistrate.

Fret not, we have made the whole process easy. Now, you can use our ready-to-use passport affidavits that have been created for the use of the general public,  in exactly the same format as that recommended by the Passport office. You just need to fill in your details the form and download the Annexure or place an order. We will get it printed on Stamp paper and deliver it to you.

    Vivek says: posted on 24 Jul, 2017

    I am currently in Europe and trying to apply for passport for my 2 year old. Is Annexure G available on this site the latest?

    Poornima says: posted on 20 Jul, 2017

    Hi Nithya, Annexure G is no more in use. The passport website has the formats of the new annexures. Please check with the nearest PSK for which annexure is required.

    Nithya Mehta says: posted on 13 Jun, 2017

    I am applying for passport for my 3 and half year old son. My husband is in Australia, I need Annexure G, what is the format. Who will be the authority signing on it.

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