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Annexure-I Affidavit For Passport

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Annexure-I is a self declaratory affidavit that should be made by a person applying for an Indian passport. This is a general mandatory declaration that needs to be filled at the time of applying for the passport. In other words, anyone desirous of an Indian passport must prepare an Annexure I affidavit.

Through Annexure I, passport applicant affirms his/her basic information and citizenship details. Apart from this, the Annexure I also includes a declaration by the applicant that he or she has no criminal record in the preceding five years. Hence, Annexure I also serves as a ‘no criminal record affidavit’ for passport applicants.

How To Make An Annexure I Affidavit?

To make an Annexure I affidavit, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Visit and fill in your details into our pre-drafted Annexure I form
  • Print the drafted affidavit on a Stamp paper of minimum available denominations like Rs. 10/- or 20/- value
  • Place your signature at the bottom of the affidavit
  • Get the affidavit attested by an Executive Magistrate or Notary public.

Who should Make Annexure I?

The Annexure I affidavit can be made by any person desirous of applying for an Indian passport.

Anyone who has to declare the address, any criminal background or criminal cases or citizenship etc, should make this affidavit.

What Are The Requirements To Be Filled?

Your Annexure I is a self declaratory affidavit through which you are declaring all your personal details. Hence, it must include the following:

  • Name and date of birth of the applicant
  • Address, father’s name, mother’s name and spouse’s name of the applicant
  • Nature in which applicant’s citizenship was acquired, whether by birth or descent, or registration or naturalization etc. should be mentioned
  • A declaration stating that there is no criminal case pending against the applicant

Create Your Annexure-I For Passport

If you are applying for your passport and need to submit the application along with Annexure I affidavit, then do not hesitate. Annexure I affidavit can be created on in a few minutes from wherever you are! There is no need to go around searching for agents or any person who will most probably quote exorbitant charges for the same service. So just fill in the Annexure I form and contact us for further help. We also get it printed on a Stamp paper and send it to your home.

69/- Plus Delivery Charges