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Annexure-J Affidavit for Passport

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Annexure J is a verification certificate issued by the Chairmen of apex business organizations to the Owners, Partners or Directors of the companies having membership of the concerned chambers.

The Annexure J verification certificate affirms the particulars of the applicant as stated in the form as well as the applicant’s moral conduct and reputation. This Affidavit also affirms that the applicant has been staying in the mentioned address for the last one year.

How To Make An Annexure-J Affidavit?

The Annexure J Affidavit can be made as explained in the steps below:

  1. First of all, you will have to draft the Annexure J and get it printed on the official letterhead of the Verifying Authority. For this, you can use our ready pre-drafted format for Annexure J and get it printed on the Authority’s letter head.
  2. A photo (passport size) of the applicant should be affixed on the Annexure J form.
  3. Get the photo on the annexure attested by the concerned superior officer who issues the Verifying Certificate such that half the signature lies on the photo and the other half on the paper.
  4. The Verifying authority should also place the rubber stamp of the Authority, partially on the photo and partially on the paper.

Who should Make The Annexure-J?

Annexure J can be submitted along with the application form by the following persons:

  • The Owner of a Company having membership in the concerned Chamber of Business Organisation.
  • Any Partners of a Company having membership in the concerned chamber of Business Organisation.
  • The Directors of a Company having membership in the concerned Chamber of Business Organisation.

What Details Are To Be Filled in Annexure-J Affidavit?

Below are the details that have to be filled in Annexure-J.

  1. Mention Reference number of the application.
  2. Applicant’s full name, date of birth and place of birth have to be entered.
  3. Qualification and Profession of the applicant
  4. Permanent and Present address of the applicant
  5. Father’s name or Husband’s name of the applicant
  6. Office address, location and date of issue
  7. Signature, name and designation of the verifying officer
  8. Name of the Chamber and other contact information
  9. If the applicant has stayed in more than one place during the last one year, then all such addresses along with the dates have to be mentioned.

Create your Annexure-J Affidavit

You will have to approach the verifying authority of the concerned department to get an Annexure J Affidavit since it requires to be printed on the Authority’s official letterhead. However, for your reference, we have drafted the format of Annexure J affidavit. Please note that issuing incorrect verification certificate is punishable as per the Passports Act, 1967.

We can assist you in creating most of the passport related affidavits online and also home deliver it to you if opted for. Please feel to free to contact us.

69/- Plus Delivery Charges