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Annexure-K Affidavit For Passport

Owing to a slew of changes in the passport provisions by the Ministry of External Affairs, we have discontinued all passport related services till we update the website with new forms. We regret the Inconvenience.

Annexure K is an affidavit that is for the use of those who want a reissuing of passport that was in existence prior to marriage. This affidavit should be made by married applicants who are not able to provide the marriage certificate or joint affidavit along with their spouse due to any marital discord, separation without formal divorce decree by the Court or due to total desertion by the spouse.

How To Make An Affidavit

If you wish to make an affidavit in the Annexure K format, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and fill in your details into the pre-drafted Affidavit K form
  2. Print the affidavit on a Stamp paper of minimum available denominations like Rs.10/- or 20/- value. You can use our ready to print Annexure K form to make the affidavit online
  3. Place your signature at the end of the affidavit
  4. Get the affidavit attested by a First class Judicial Magistrate or Executive Magistrate

Who Should Make Annexure K

Annexure K is meant for the use of married applicants who-

  1. are not able to provide the marriage certificate
  2. are not able to provide joint affidavit along with their spouse

Due to the following reasons:

  • marital discord
  • separation from the spouse
  • having no formal divorce decree from the Court
  • total desertion by the spouse

Hence, if you are someone facing marital problems and living separately from your spouse or if your spouse has totally deserted you or if you still have not received the divorce decree from the Court, and if you are applying for the passport for your minor child then you are eligible to make use of Annexure K affidavit to be submitted to the passport office.

What Are The Details To Be Filled?

Making an Annexure K affidavit requires the following details:

  • Name, age, gender of the applicant
  • Father’s name, Husband’s or Wife’s name
  • Details of the marriage, namely the date of marriage
  • Act or Law under which the marriage took place
  • Whether a divorce petition has been already filed in a Court of law
  • Date since the parties have been living separately
  • The name that should appear in the new passport
  • Whether spouse’s name should appear in the passport or be removed from the passport.

The Annexure K Click on the link below to make your Annexure K affidavits should be compulsorily attested by a Judicial First Class Magistrate or Executive Magistrate only.

Create Your Passport Affidavits Online

Make your passport affidavits through our website, Its quick and easy! We have pre-drafted ready made passport affidavits that are just what the passport office recommends.

Don’t worry about the difficulty in getting your passport affidavit ready. With just a few clicks, you are done with your affidavit that too in a matter of minutes. Everything the way as required by the passport office.

    Poornima says: posted on 20 Jul, 2017

    Hi Pavani, you can get advice from our legal experts by opting our Legal consultation service. Please click this link – . Provide your details, choose a time slot and make the payment. Our experts will call you and assist further.

    Rajasekhar says: posted on 06 Jul, 2017

    Hi Sir, I just applied for passport with my spouse name in my passport do i need to submit marriage certificate?

    pavani says: posted on 13 Jun, 2017

    I have applied for passport last year in the month of august,,but due to my marrital issue i was not able to get it….my problem is that i had been separated since 3 years but not legally…some issues going on…i dont have any marriage proof and i dont want to represent my spouse what can i do now

    Aditya Dubey says: posted on 08 Apr, 2017

    I am trying to get my passport re-issued. My passport is expiring in 5 months.
    While getting this re-issued, I am also adding my spouse name. I got married a year back.
    I do not have the marriage certificate yet. But as per new rules, I think marriage certificate or any document is not required for re-issue of passport. Can you please confirm?

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 13 Mar, 2017

    Please book a Legal Consultation and get advice from our legal experts. Click this link to book –

    Prabhuprasad says: posted on 13 Mar, 2017

    Sir actually I have not taken any divorce but a I married another women 15 years back only

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 13 Mar, 2017

    You may have to mention that you have divorced your ex wife and remarried. Also, you may be asked to provide proofs for the same. Kindly check with the nearest passport seva kendra (PSK).

    Prabhuprasad says: posted on 13 Mar, 2017

    Shall I mention my ex wife name which is existing in the passport or I have mention my current wife

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 13 Mar, 2017

    You don’t need to create this Annexure K anymore. With the recent changes in passport rules, this Annexure is not required. All you need to do is to give a declaration in writing and request for reissue of passport. You may have to mention spouse name in your application. Check with the passport authority for further details.

    Prabhuprasad says: posted on 09 Mar, 2017

    I am ready to pay charges

    Prabhuprasad says: posted on 09 Mar, 2017

    Sir can you get it done annexure k

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