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Annexure L Affidavit For Passport

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Annexure L is an affidavit that needs to be made by any person who has lost or damaged his or her passport. This Annexure in the form of affidavit needs to be submitted along with the passport application.

How To Make An Annexure L Affidavit?

To make Annexure L you need to follow these steps:

  • Fill the Annexure that is available online
  • Get it printed on a Stamp paper of minimum available denominations like Rs.10/- or 20/-
  • Sign the affidavit at the bottom of the last page
  • Get it attested by a First Class Magistrate or Executive Magistrate or Notary Public.

Who Should Make The Annexure L Affidavit?

Annexure L affidavit is required to be submitted at the time of applying for a passport if your old passport is lost or damaged. Hence the following persons can utilise Annexure L affidavits:

  • Person who has lost his/her passport
  • Person whose passport has got damaged in any ways
  • Person who wants to apply for a new passport under the above circumstances.

What Are The Details To Be Filled?

Annexure L affidavit should contain the following details:

  • The name, Father’s name and address of the applicant
  • Details of how and when the passport was lost
  • Details of FIR lodged
  • Name of the police station where the FIR is lodged
  • Number of passports that were lost or damaged earlier
  • Whether you have traveled on the lost or damaged passport
  • You need to mention the flight number in which you traveled using the lost or damaged passport
  • You need to mention the date of your entry into India, using the lost or damaged passport
  • Mention the name of the port through which you entered India
  • You need to give details of any concessions or allowances you availed of in the journey
  • You should mention whether you are a non-resident Indian residing abroad and the details of your residence abroad

Create Your Own Annexure L Online

If you have lost or damaged your passport and wish to apply for a new one, then you need to definitely make an Annexure L that needs to be submitted along with the passport.

But making affidavits for passport is truly a tiresome task. It is time consuming. There may be agents who can promise you to get it done for exorbitant fees. LegalDesk offers a helping hand for the common man who needs to get his legal work done sitting at home and by the click of some keys.

Just click the link below and make your Annexure L online without delay. We will deliver it to you along with the Stamp Paper.

69/- Plus Delivery Charges