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Annexure-M Certificate For Passport

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Annexure M is a No Objection Certificate that has to be submitted along with a person’s passport application. It is usually made for the purpose of flagging a no-objection to obtaining the passport from the Department head or office or Ministry under which the applicant is employed.

Who Should Make An Annexure M Certificate?

Annexure M should be made by any person who is an Indian national, employed under the State or Central Government of India.

How To Make Annexure M Certificate?

Annexure M is a No Objection Certificate issued by the concerned officer of the Controlling/Administrative authority in which the applicant is employed. The issuing office should attest the photograph of the applicant with his/her signature and rubber stamp in such a way that half the signature and stamp appear on the photograph and half on the certificate.

What Details Should Be Included?

The Annexure M should include the following details:

  • The applicant’s name and the applicant’s father’s name
  • The designation of the applicant
  • The date of joining the service in the concerned department
  • The name of the department or office or Ministry under which the applicant is currently employed
  • The signature and contact details of the officer or authority who gives the no-objection certificate

Get Your Annexure-M

Annexure M is a certificate that is needed while applying for the passport by a person who is employed with a State or Central Government service. It is a no-objection certificate by the department to the applicant desiring to gain a passport. Hence, if you are in the government service and are planning to apply for the passport, you will need to get your Annexure M from the department where you work. We have pre-drafted a sample of Annexure M – NOC certificate for your reference, which is exactly the same as the one recommended by the Passport office. Click the button below to view the document.

69/- Plus Delivery Charges