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Annexure-B Affidavit For Passport

Annexure B Affidavit is an identity certificate which should be submitted by an employee of State Government, Central Government, Statutory Bodies or Public Sector Undertakings, while applying for a passport. Also their spouses and children (who are below 18 years age) are also required to enclose Annexure B Affidavit when they apply for passports.

The Identity Certificate is issued by the Controlling/Administrative Authority (employer) where the passport applicant works.

How To Make An Affidavit Annexure B?

The Annexure B Identity certificate has to be issued by the Controlling Authority of the respective department in which the passport applicant is employed.

  1. Print the drafted affidavit on the letterhead of the concerned Authority.
  2. Affix the applicant’s photo on it.
  3. Self Attest the photo.
  4. Make a duplicate copy also on the original letterhead of the concerned Authority.
  5. The concerned official has to fill the required details and place his signature and seal.

Who should Make The Annexure B?

The passport applicants who are required to provide Annexure B include-

  1. Employees of State Government
  2. Employees of Central Government
  3. Employees of Statutory bodies
  4. Employees of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)
  5. Spouses and Children (below 18 years) of persons belonging to any of the above

What are The Details To Be Filled in Annexure B?

The details to be filled in Annexure B include-

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. Name of the employee
  3. Office address where the employee works
  4. Date since when the employee is employed in that office
  5. Employee’s Identity Card number
  6. Reference No. of the application
  7. Date on which the document was issued
  8. Name and designation of the issuing officer
  9. Address and contact number of the issuing department

Create Your Own Annexure B Affidavit

As mentioned earlier in this article, the Annexure B affidavit can be issued only by the Controlling Authority of the respective department. So you will have to visit the respective authority to get your Annexure B done. To view a sample of how an Annexure B Affidavit looks, check the link given below. If you need any other affidavits for passport or any other legal documents online, we would be happy to help you.