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Authority Letter For Passport

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At times, it becomes inevitable for us to skip certain important tasks or postpone them, for a plethora of reasons. But luckily, if one is applying for a passport and is unable to visit the passport office, either to submit the passport application or to collect passport or documents, then there is an easy solution. An Authority Letter can be drafted, entitling one of your close relatives (referred to as authorised representative) the authority to act on your behalf, in this regard.

What Is An Authority Letter?

An Authority Letter is a means through which a passport applicant gives the authority of either submitting his/her passport application to or collect passport from the Passport Office. However, the applicant can authorize only a close family member to submit the application or to collect passport/documents on his/her behalf.

What Details Should Be Included In An Authority Letter?

These are the details that should be included-

  1. The letter has to be addressed to The Passport Officer of the respective Passport Office.
  2. The details of the person to whom the authority is being given, including full name, relationship with the applicant, age and residential address.
  3. The reason for which the representative is being given the authority.
  4. Signature of the applicant and of the authorised representative
  5. Full name and address of the applicant has to be mentioned.

How To Draft An Authority Letter?

The Authority Letter should be drafted by the passport applicant on a plain white paper. It’s better to opt for a typed letter, instead of a handwritten one. Once the format of the Authority Letter is drafted by including all the details mentioned above, the representative being sent on your behalf shall place his signature in the letter at the designated place. The applicant should attest the signature of the authorised representative.

Along with the Authority Letter, it is mandatory to enclose a copy of valid identity proof of the representative. The ID proof should bear the photo of the authorised representative.

Create An Authority Letter

You can use our online draft of Authority Letter format, which is the most simplest way to create your own Authority Letter. Besides this, we also offer an array of various legal documents online, which you might be in need of. All you have to do is just fill in the blanks with all relevant information about you and your authorised representative, and get it printed. If you opt for delivery, we will print the document and deliver it to your address. Now get started by clicking the button below.

69/- Plus Delivery Charges