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Name Change Package

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Name Change
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Select name change if you want to choose a different name or spelling for yourself. Select 'Name Correction' if your name has been printed wrongly in any document.

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Select 'Self', if you are above 18 and need to change your name. Select 'Minor' if you are the parent/guardian of a minor whose name needs to be changed.

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Is the name change for passport purposes?
My name is printed incorrectly in a document
I have different versions of my name in different documents
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*Note:Affidavit printing services on stamp paper are available only in select states, but you can download the soft copy and print it yourself. does not provide notarization services.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet”

Thus said Shakespeare in his distinguished work Romeo and Juliet. In reality, however, Shakespeare would have to put up with a lot of dissent from persons who are unhappy with their names. There may be scores of reasons why individuals change their names, ranging from numerology, change of religion, among others.

Though there are numerous citizens wishing to change their names, it is only a few who go ahead and get it done. The reasons may be:

  1. Lack of knowledge pertaining to the legal procedure of changing of name
  2. Lack of time owing to busy worklife
  3. Not knowing where or whom to approach for the said procedure
  4. Apprehensions and misconceptions regarding the cost and legal effect

If you have ever considered changing your boring name into an interesting one and had been holding back your urge due to any reasons mentioned above, fret not! We have solutions that suit your individual need.

LegalDesk’s Name Change Package

What are the steps that needs to be climbed before getting to that awe inspiring name with our name change package?

  1. Create Name Change Affidavit
  2. Newspaper Publication
  3. Gazette Notification


An Affidavit is a document in the form of a declaration. It is sworn by an individual before a person having an authority to administer an oath. All affidavits for change of name in India have to be printed on Stamp papers bearing a value of Rs 20. They then need to be attested by either a Magistrate or a Notary Public. The Magistrate may be either a Judicial Magistrate or an Executive Magistrate. However, it is more convenient to get attestation from a Notary Public, which makes it a less complicated procedure.

Types Of Name Correction Affidavits

An affidavit to change a person’s name may be of the following types:

    1. General name change Affidavit
      It is used by citizens for changing name for all purposes
    2. Affidavit for change of name of minor
      It is used by legal guardians for changing name of children
    3. Affidavit for one and the same person
      It is used in when a person’s name is printed in differently in various documents
    4. Affidavit for name correction
      It is used when there is a spelling error in name printed in any document
    5. Annexure E for Indian passport
      It is used exclusively for submitting to passport authorities
    6. Change of name after marriage affidavit
      It is used to change the name of wife by virtue of marriage. It also does not require gazette or newspaper notification
    7. Annexure D for passport
      It is used to change the name of wife after marriage to submit to passport authorities. It is not mandatory to notify in gazette or newspaper

Once the required affidavit is created online at LegalDesk, you have the option of either purchasing the soft copy or to get the hard copy printed on Stamp paper and delivered at your address.

After receiving your affidavit in your possession, comes the important task of making it valid- Attestation. We, at LegalDesk, are glad to mention that we will be able to help you with finding notaries in select cities.

After collecting your notarised affidavit, you may either proceed with printing of notifications in newspapers and gazette yourself or allow LegalDesk to assist you with the procedure.

Newspaper Notification

Indian laws require publication of newspaper notification in order to make the name change known to the public. The newspaper notification contains a brief statement that the person so mentioned is changing his/her name from the old name to new name. The notification also mentions the date of birth and father’s name for better identification of the person. LegalDesk can assist in newspaper publications in all major cities.

Gazette Notification

Gazette notification is the last step in completing a name change procedure. Though name in most documents like Drivers’ licence, PAN card, Voters’ ID and many others can be changed without notification in Gazette, some authorities like Public service commissions and public sector banks do insist on Gazette notification, in case their applicants have applied in their new names. Hence, it is safe to have a Gazette notification ready.

While states have their own Gazettes, they cater to the requirements of citizens residing in their respective states only. LegalDesk assists in publication of notifications in the Central Gazette located in Delhi.

Procedure For Publication In Central Gazette

Every citizen who has changed his/her name should submit the following to the Department of Publication.

  1. Request letter
  2. Affidavit
  3. Proforma notification
  4. Verification Certificate
  5. C.D format

The name change package from LegalDesk includes all of the above documents which need to be drafted and sent to the authorities along with the newspaper notification, passport sized photographs, self attested ID proof copy and requisite fees through demand draft payable at Delhi.

Why Choose Name Change Package From LegalDesk?

By selecting our name change package, you get guidance in the entire procedure up to Gazette notification. You save a lot of time besides avoiding the hassles of going out to get the affidavit done and contacting newspaper agencies. You also have the privilege of getting complicated Gazette documentation made easy with our expertise. All these, at an irresistible pricing!