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Common Affidavits for Students

An affidavit is a sworn, self declaring statements which are declared before an authority/ official with the power to witness an oath. The person who creates the affidavit is called the deponent and the affidavit swears facts that are true to the best knowledge of the deponent. These documents can be used as evidence in courts

Common College Affidavits

For the use of our young friends, LegalDesk has the following affidavits which are ready to use, pre-drafted and lawyer verified-

  1. Anti-ragging affidavit
  2. Affidavit for duplicate certificate/marklist
  3. Affidavit for claiming education loan
  4. Change of name affidavit
  5. Affidavit to declare that name or initials differ in some educational certificates or government documents

We shall discuss the use of each of these affidavits in the remainder of this page.

The Anti Ragging Affidavit

Legally, ragging is defined as the act of deliberately humiliating or abusing an individual with the intention of insulting/intimidating. In some cases the act involves physical abuse which is why the Indian Government has laws that actively discourages ragging or any subsets of it.

As educational institutions, colleges in particular are the popular spots for ragging, most institutions have taken up the activity of getting new students to sign the Anti-Ragging affidavit. This is the best possible measure a college or an institution can take up to prevent ragging.

At the time of admission, new students are asked to sign the Anti-Ragging affidavit which makes them declare that they will never actively or passively engage in ragging. Once a student signs this affidavit, he/she is bound by law to not engage in ragging. If found to engage in ragging despite the affidavit, strong legal action will be initiated against such a student. If the student is not above the age of 18, parents can sign this affidavit declaring that their ward shall not commit ragging.

Change Of Name Affidavit

This is probably the least commonly used affidavit among college students. The intent of this affidavit is to declare that the deponent has chosen to change his/her given name to another name of his/her choice. Such a name change must be immediately brought to the attention of the colleges administration and the university.

If you are a student which wishes to change your name, you must first and foremost, be above 18 years of age. You must prepare an affidavit declaring your intention to pick up a new name. To complete the process of name change, the deponent may have to give an advertisement in the local newspaper and in a gazette publication. Only students above the age of 18 can prepare such an affidavit.

Affidavit For Duplicate Certificate/ Marklist

Losing originals or marklists or certificates is a headache that rivals battles. While we sincerely hope that you may never have to use this particular affidavit, we are here to help you should you lose any of your precious documents. The affidavit applying for duplicate certificate or marklist is designed to help students request their university to reissue a copy of the lost document.

In the event that a student’s/ ex-student’s marklist or certificate goes missing, he/she is supposed to carrying out the following steps at the earliest.

  • File an FIR at the nearest police station
  • Obtain copy of the FIR
  • Send notice to the university about the loss
  • Publish the news of the lost certificate/marklist in a local daily
  • Submit application to the university with an affidavit requesting reissue of certificate/marklist

Affidavit For Claiming Education Loan

All students wishing to obtain education loan can make use of this particular affidavit. It is essentially an affidavit that declares that the deponent has no active loans from other banks/ lenders for the same purpose. This affidavit must then be submitted to the bank along with the letter of admission from the college/university the deponent plans to attend.

While most institutions will have a standard format which they use and reuse for every student, it may not be that comprehensive. Which is why we recommend the use of our ready-to-use, lawyer verified Anti Ragging affidavit which can be prepared in minutes. Our firm can also handle mass orders where we print each affidavit on Stamp paper to make it legally valid and enforceable.

One and the Same Affidavit

Sometimes it so happens that administrative personnel misspell your name. This is something that can cause a great deal of inconvenience to the person whose name was wrongly printed in a vital document. As much as we hope that it does not happen to you, when this happens what you need is the affidavit for one and the same person. The intent of this affidavit is to declare that you are indeed the person being addressed in a document even though the spelling may be different from that of your Govt. issued ID cards or other identity proofs.