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Gap In Employment Affidavit

With an exploding population like ours, unemployment is one of the major crises that we are facing as a country. We are touted as an economy on the upswing, but, what we fail to understand is as to why there is such a jobless growth. Year after year we find youngsters passing out with flying colours but, the growing number of aspirants doesn’t match the minuscule or abysmal level of jobs in the country. Unemployment is one such stark reality that we need to come to terms with. With the advancement of science and technology, the need for labour intensive workforce has declined considerably and since work gets automated, there is a serious dearth of jobs for people as companies focus more on high-end technology and automation, and don’t really need people to do works which can be easily automated.

Unemployment is a curse which has marred the growth of not only our economy but also of the budding young talent that our young guns possess. Unemployment can also be blamed on the kind of society that we Indians live in. A majority of us are dependent on a few people which make it very cumbersome and a threatening for the future of the society.

What Is A Gap In Employment Affidavit?

As you can decipher from the name, a gap in employment affidavit is created by a person, who had been off work for a while and had not been employed anywhere. In India, especially the employment gap is common mainly among ladies, as they are unemployed for certain duration owing to reasons like marriage, childbirth, pursuing higher education or hobbies and passions. Employment gaps can also be for saddening reasons like employee layoffs, retrenchment etc.

An employment gap is an eyesore for many, the reasons become difficult to explain and in a  country like ours, where employment opportunities are few and far between, it gets very difficult to get a job, that too after a break. An employment gap lays apprehensions in the minds of the prospective employers. More often than not, employers are wary of taking people who have had a break in their careers, you might come across as a complete slacker to them. Well, if you are applying for a job after a considerable break from work then you will be required to submit an affidavit explaining such gap to a potential employer.

What To Include In The Employment Gap Affidavit?

Like is the case with all affidavits, even this particular affidavit needs to be printed on a Stamp Paper of adequate value and attested by a Notary Public or Oath Commissioner. The person swearing the affidavit is called the deponent or the affiant. The essentials of an employment gap affidavit are :

  • Name of the deponent
  • Age of the deponent
  • Father’s Name
  • Present or Current Address
  • Details of the exams he/she has cleared along with the year of passing
  • Duration of the gap taken
  • Reasons behind taking a gap
  • A No- criminal record declaration
  • A statement stating that the deponent has never been involved in any misconduct whatsoever and no proceedings are pending against him/her in any university or educational institution prior to the joining of the company
  • A statement that he/she was / was not employed gainfully or honorarily in any private, public government institution or educational institution before joining the company
  • A declaration that all the statements made are true and correct to the best of his/ her knowledge and that they are not hiding any facts
  • The deponent also needs to attach the release order or letter from the previous company (if any)

How To Make The Gap In Employment Affidavit Legally Valid?

Once you are done creating the affidavit by filling in the necessary fields, you need to first get your document printed on a stamp paper of the desired denomination and soon thereafter get the document concerned notarised by the notary public. Doing so is mandatory for your affidavit to be deemed admissible as permissible evidence in the courts of law. To create an Affidavit for Gap In Employment, you can place a request with us and our team of customer service executives will help you with the same. We can also print this affidavit on a stamp paper and deliver this to your address.

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