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Rental Agreement In Puducherry/Pondicherry

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The erstwhile French Colony and currently an Indian Union Territory is a centre of tourist attraction in South India. With increasing investments in industry, there is a steady rise in inflow of people settling in Pondicherry. Renting houses in Puducherry is no mighty task but if you’re finding it hard to come up with a Rental Agreement, we are here to help.

Procedure To Create A Rental Agreement

The steps to complete a Rent Agreement in Pondicherry is usually done in the following way;

  • After detailed discussions and deliberation between the tenant and the landlord on various clauses and points to be included in the Rent Agreement, it has to be reviewed for drafting.
  • The document then has to be printed on a Stamp paper of proposed value. Two copies of Rental Agreement, one by the tenant and the other by the landlord has to be signed.
  • The Rental Agreement must then be signed by two witnesses who must compulsorily be non-beneficiaries of the property.
  • It is then to be registered in a local Sub-Registrar office once they show their identity proofs and 3 copies of Rental Agreement.

Governing Law

This Governing Act for Rent Agreements may be called the Pondicherry Buildings (Lease and Rent Control) Act, which came to force in the year 1969.

Exemptions Of The Law

The Law on Rental Agreements in Pondicherry/Puducherry exempts certain premises from renting to a tenant such as;

  • Government Buildings
  • Those which are created by a grant from the Government in respect of the premises taken on lease or requisitioned, by the Government.

Existence Of E-Stamping In Puducherry/Pondicherry

The existing system of physical stamp paper is being replaced by e-stamping in many of the states in India. Likewise, in Puducherry also the e-stamping facility has been introduced from 2012 for the convenience of payment and is tamper-proof.

Procedure Of E-Stamping

The e-stamping papers are available in ACCs (Authorised Collection Centres) designed by the Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) or any Post Offices or Co-operative Banks. The document should have proper details of the parties involved in the rental transaction. This filled document is to be submitted along with the payment of stamp duty. Payment can be online or offline whichever is convenient for the parties involved.

Essential Clauses Not To Be Missed In A Rental Agreement

Rental agreements are a convenient way to document the rules and regulations relating to the occupancy of the rental unit. Even though it can be customised to add extra clauses, there are certain obligatory clauses to be included, which are as follows;

  • Time period of occupancy: Usually a Rental Agreement is based on a fixed time period of one year. In such a case, the options for renewal of occupancy or its termination should be addressed. On the other hand, it can also be a month-to-month contract where the tenant/landlord enjoy the independence of terminating the agreement after et the month end.
  • Rent Amount: The document should include the amount of money to be paid as rent and the medium of paid.
  • Security Deposit: It lists out of the amount of security deposit to paid at the initial stage by the tenant to the landlord. Due to the disputable nature of Security deposits, it is better to provide the circumstances where the security deposits can be utilized in the Rental Agreement. It should also contain when the security deposits should be returned to the tenant.
  • Maintenance Charges: The tenant should also bear the payment of water tax, electricity bills, property tax etc., for the actual consumption of tenant. Added to this, minor repairs of the tenanted premises are to be borne by the tenant himself. Such specifications are also to be listed out in the rental agreement.
  • Pets: The rental agreement should clearly mention if the Landlord allows to keep pets in his premises.
  • Disruptive behaviour and Illegal activities: The agreement has to clearly specify what accounts for a disruption to the landlord (for eg: cooking of non-vegetarian food) and illegal activities (for eg: dealing with drugs).

Make Your Rental Agreements With

  • Open our pre-drafted, legally verified online rental agreement by clicking the button below.
  • After filling the details of the tenant and landlord, customize the document as you need.
  • You can either print the soft copy or let us print it on a stamp paper and dispatch it to an address of your choice.

With increasing demand for Paying Guest options, aids in the process of creating a Paying Guest Agreement. If you’re looking for renting a flat, we provide you with a legally valid Flat Rental Agreement. If you’re a bachelor renting a single room, a Room Agreement is what you need.

18 Jul, 16

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