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Startup Package

Register your business and get your Legal Documentation done right at affordable prices.

We, at, understand that improper Legal Documentation or not registering your Business can sometimes prove to be fatal for the growth of your Startup. At the same time, we understand that a visit to Lawyer’s office for getting your Legal Documentation done or a visit to the CA/CS office for Business Registration is an expensive and time consuming process.

Therefore, to address your Startup’s Registration and documentation woes, we advise you to opt for our startup package.

Package Details


(starting Rs.4,000/-)
Name Approval
Business Documentation

(starting Rs.6,000/-)
Legal Drafts – DIY
Vetting of Existing Agreements
Custom Agreements

Incorporation Pack

We are the Personal Legal Assistant assisting you to get started. If you are sure about the entity you wish to incorporate, we help you with the Legal process involved in incorporation of your entity. In case you are not sure as to the Form of the Business Entity you should opt for, we shall be happy to advise.

Business Documentation Pack

We know that Legal Documentations, sometimes give you nightmare, and sleepless nights. Let our Legal Experts take care of your Business Documentation Requirement. When you opt for our Business Documentation Pack, you not only to make your own Legal Documents, but also get personalized Legal Assistance.

Benefits Of The Startup Package

1. Ready to use forms:

We know there are multiple Business Documents available online, but here, we are offering you documents drafted by Legal Experts, with an option to customize. You just fill in the requisite fields and your document is generated and is ready for printing

2. Verified by experts:

Your documents are verified by Legal Experts, and you can be rest assured that the same would be up to date with latest amendments.

3. No hidden cost:

Transparency is our Keyword, you pay for what you see.

4. Easy on your pockets:

We understand you are just entering the business world, our packages are pocket friendly.