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Types Of Property Transfer In India

The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 regulates the property transfer in India. It contains specific provisions regarding what constitutes a transfer and the conditions attached to it. In simple,...

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FAQs On Affiliate Agreement

Q1: What is an affiliate agreement? Affiliate agreement simply means an arrangement (agreement) between two parties where they work together for mutual benefits, i.e. the affiliate agrees to market...

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Make A Will Online In Karnataka

According to Indian Succession Act, 1925, Will is defined as follows – “Will means a legal declaration of the intention of the Testator with respect to his property which...

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Rental Agreement In Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is one of the fastest growing economies in the country. Though agriculture is the primary occupation, it also has a well-established power sector, steel industry and aluminium sector...

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