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Blackboard Warriors Of India

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Roshni Mukherjee

“It is very true that passionate teachers make students want to learn more and excel better. One such passionate teacher is, Roshni Mukherjee.

She is the reason thousands of students have been able to educate themselves and score great results in their examination. Her online classes have reached out to the forte of students in CBSE and ICSE boards between 9th and 12th grade.

“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning”.

Roshni Mukherji hails from a middle-class Bengali family where her parents were always great supporters of her career. Roshni was a very good student during school and College. Science was always her favorite subject since childhood. While pursuing her Masters in Physics, her Father passed away.

His untimely death shattered Roshni’s dream of teaching and she acquired a job in an IT company as a Quality Analyst. She had to support her family and she always knew that there was no looking back.

However, the drive to educate children kept lingering in her head until one day her maid complained about how her children failed in Government school as the teacher barely showed up. Roshni’s heart knew that she had to help them out, but how was the question that kept bothering her.

Finally in 2011, Roshni started ‘’ with tutorial videos containing lessons for 11th and 12th grade CBSE students. Lessons in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics presented in PowerPoint slides with a background voice made it very easy to learn.

Soon, many students started referring her website and dropping in doubts which were later clarified by Roshni. Later, quitting her job and taking up teaching full-time brought her to a realization that happiness in teaching was priceless.

She also expanded to 9th and 10th grade CBSE lessons to ensure easy understanding and learning. She has added a ‘You can contribute’ option for students who wish to pay for her lessons though every lesson on her website remains to be free of cost. Roshni is married and her husband is very supportive for he believes in her cause.

Roshni is now a happy teacher who is planning to reach out to every corner of the country making sure children are educated. She is working towards translating her lessons into regional languages with the out-pouring requests from students.

Roshni always dreamt of teaching kids in a classroom since she was a kid; little did she know about reaching out to 70,000 subscribers in a span of 6 years’ time with about 3800 videos! Teachers like Roshni dedicate their heart and soul for teaching and providing free-education. Here is a message that goes to the humankind, “Educate children for free; the happiness in giving is the divine feeling which is the best experience mankind has ever known”.


20 Sep, 17

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