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Consumer Complaint: How to file it online?

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Filing a  consumer complaint is a power all of us have. Any product or a service that proves to be unworthy or unsafe can be taken to justice.An increasing number of consumers are now filing a consumer complaint online thanks to the ease of process.

A consumer complaint can be filed  through any of the following means;

Consumer Cell Number 1800-11-4000
Official Website

Often times, a consumer who seeks to file a complaint tends to lose his way. Not having enough time, sufficient information or the lack of reliable legal support makes many a complaint goes nowhere. Good news is that the process is now a lot more simple and dynamic.

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Consumer Complaint Procedure

The unhappy consumer is expected to send a legal notice to the seller. If the problem is resolved then and there, a consumer complaint is not required. However, most complaints end up in the court and the consumer has to go through the following procedure

1. Identify The Forum

A claim with a value up to Rs 20 lacs is resolved in the District forum while claims of up to Rs 1 crore are resolved in the State forum. Any case with value beyond Rs. 1 crore is looked into at the National forum.

Hence, the complainant must identify what the value of his claim would be and then proceed to the documents.

2. Drafting The Complaint

A complaint must expressly have all details relating to the grievance. There will always be a plethora of provisions that an expert can help you with while you draft the complaint. It helps to .seek legal help to add strength to your claim.

3. Paying The Fees

A nominal fee is charged to file a consumer complaint. It ranges from Rs. 200 and Rs. 5000 depending on the value of your claim amount. Suers usually get a refund of their litigation charges should they win their claim.

4. Filing An Affidavit

A consumer complaint must be backed by an affidavit that binds all claims and details mentioned in the consumer complaint as true and correct. The same procedure applies for all interim applications too.

5. Interlocutory Application

The interlocutory application is filed in the interval between the beginning and end of a case. It is usually drafted in the case is filed after the time limit or when another party is to be presented in the case.

When Can You File A Consumer Complaint?

A consumer complaint is filed in the following scenarios:

  1. Overpricing
  2. Products deemed dangerous for life
  3. A flaw in the product or an inadequacy in service.
  4. An unfair or a  restrictive trade practice against the consumer rights.

Consumers are now more aware than ever of their rights. In fact, Consumer Rights in itself is a subject of study in schools and universities. Rightly so, given the massive boost it gives to the economy by inspiring companies to always deliver quality products and services in the best interests of the economy.


03 Oct, 17

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