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How To Become A Seller On Flipkart?

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Online shopping is all the rage in India currently. It is convenient, simple and above all good for businesses. It provides better visibility and access to not just local, but also global customers. Thanks to booming e-Commerce platforms, we can all shop from the comforts of our homes. Among the many online shopping sites in India, Flipkart is one of the largest and most popular options. The catch is, Flipkart has not just changed the face of shopping online, they’ve also managed to change the face of selling online. Merchants can now tie up with Flipkart offering to sell their goods through Flipkart. If you are someone looking for ways to sell your merchandise on Flipkart, this article is going to tell you all about it!


Becoming A Flipkart Seller

Just like you need to sign up on Flipkart to become a buyer, you need to sign up with them to become a seller. Signing up as a seller on Flipkart is quite simple. Visit the Flipkart seller sign up page and provide information about yourself and the products you wish to sell. You need not necessarily be an individual, you can be a shop or a business. Irrespective of what or who you are, you’ll need to provide the following details while signing up.

  1. Name of the seller (individual/business)
  2. Contact information – phone number, addresses
  3. Pickup address
  4. Documents of business registration, if any
  5. Tax registration documents

Selling As An Individual

As a general rule, an individual seller is by default considered as a sole proprietor. So if you have not done it already, now would be the time to register yourself as a sole proprietor. That said, sole proprietorship has its cons. The promoter does not get limited liability, investors and banks shy away from sole proprietors and above all, they are not easily transferable.

To sell as a sole proprietor on Flipkart, here’s what you need –

Identity Proof Address Proof
  • Passport
  • PAN card
  • Driving license
  • A Declaration on the company’s letterhead stating that the bank accounts held in the name of the business is indeed managed by the proprietor
  • Bank account state of the account associated with payment gateway
  • Certificate from Public Authority verifying proprietor’s identity
  • Utility bills – Electricity/ Landline telephone
  • Ration card
  • Leave and license/ lease agreement/ title of the office
  • Certificate from Authority stating that the address has been verified
  • State of bank account in the name of the proprietor

Selling As A Business

If you are a business wishing to sell your merchandise on Flipkart, you’ll need business registration documents along with the obvious identity proofs. The documents required changes based on the type of business. You could either be a Pvt. Ltd. Co. or an LLP/ Partnership firm or even a Trust/Charity.

Here are the document requirements for a business to become a seller on Flipkart.

Requirement Pvt. Ltd. Co. LLP/Partnership
Identity Proof
  • LLP incorporation certificate
  • Partnership registration certificate
  • Deed of partnership/ LLP agreement
  • Power of attorney by Partners granting permission to transact on behalf of them
  • Photo ID of every partner
  • PAN card of LLP (not applicable for Partnership firms)
Address Proof
  • Official document attesting addresses of Partners & people holding Power of Attorney
  • Utility bills of the firm – Electricity/ Fixed landline
  • Lease/ Rental agreement

If you are selling as a trust or charity, you will still need documents similar to the ones mentioned above.

Apart from the documents listed in the table, tax registration documents are also required for successful registration with Flipkart. Documents needed are –

  • Bank account name and number
  • IFSC code of the bank where the company’s account is held
  • TIN, PAN and TAN numbers

Once all the essential documents have been submitted, an internal team will verify your credentials and if found satisfactory, you will be allowed to join as a seller.

Seller Responsibilities On Flipkart

Flipkart is a platform that attracts millions of visitors daily. Each seller is hence expected to conduct business responsibly and with integrity, lest the reputation of the entire site be affected. As a seller, the following are the responsibilities you must undertake –

Listings and Catalog

All products you wish to sell with Flipkart must be listed clearly with suitable descriptions. How you present your product plays a vital part in encouraging the customer to buy your product. You can use tools provided by Flipkart to place bulk listings or individual listings. You can even use Flipkart’s professional photography services to make your product catalog look good.

Price Updations and Order Management

Should there be any change in the price or the description of the products you sell, you are expected to make the change without delay. You will also be expected to follow through orders to delivery. Keep the product packed and ready to dispatch. Marking the product as “ready to dispatch” once an order comes in and finally, shipping it after an address label is added are all the responsibilities of a seller. If your product quality is poor, or if damages were sustained during transit, it will affect your reputation. It could even get you banned from selling on Flipkart again.

Payments and Returns

Flipkart releases payments to sellers at fixed intervals after collecting the commission. Should the product be returned due to damage/ displeasure of the customer, a cancellation fee will be collected. If the damage was not caused due to the seller’s fault, there is a Seller Protection Program in place to help solve your grievance.

Get. Set. Sell!

Flipkart is one of the most popular shopping sites used in our country. Every day, millions of visitors flock in to make purchases which in turn sets the sales soaring. With the recent acquisition of Myntra, Flipkart’s revenue is expected to rise rather rapidly. In short, it is the closest thing that Indians have to an ideal shopping platform. They have tied up with many courier services, ensuring that delivery would be at its fastest. Moreover, spike sales conducted from time to time allow an opportunity for an increase in sales and over business growth.

If you ever need help with legal documentation on your quest to become a Flipkart seller, will be more than happy to help. Or if you are a budding entrepreneur, has some unique products for startups – the incorporation package and the business documentation package, both created with the aspiring entrepreneur in mind. Do try them out and let us know what you think! Hope you found this informative and don’t forget to share if you did. Good luck!

16 Sep, 16

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