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Registering A Shop In India

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As per common convention, a ‘shop’ includes any premises in which buying or selling of goods and services occur and where goods are stored for later use. It also includes establishments for entertainment and public amusement. For anyone wishing to enter into retail business, registering a shop or establishment is a mandatory step. We have in this article, detailed every possible aspect of this procedure to the best of our capabilities.

The Legal Requirements Of Registering A Shop

Overseen by the Dept. of Labor, The Shop And Establishments Act sets down the rules and regulations for conducting retail business in India. This act covers societies, premises where commercial business is conducted, charitable trusts, banks, eateries, educational institutions and any center which involves trade.

The law sets down guidelines for matters such as working hours, wages, prevention of child labor, record keeping, leave policies, conditions for dismissal and much more. The rules may slightly vary from state to state, but the basic framework is pretty similar throughout the country.

Hence, before you commence a shop, getting it registered is vital to the well being of both business owner and the customer.

Registering A Shop

You will need the following documents while approaching the officials for a shop registration –

  1. Applicant’s PAN card
  2. Driving license
  3. 5 passport size photos
  4. Applicant’s ration card
  5. Professional tax number
  6. Property tax bill of the office and the resident

With the advent of technology, most Govt. related formalities like applications can be carried out online. Same applies to registering a small business too. We’ll be detailing the steps involved in carrying out an online registration.

  1. The applicant must fill the online form for registration of shops on the website of Dept. of Labor (the form is specific to one state alone). This step enables you to create a username and password for future use.
  1. Select a name for your establishment and also provide a reliable contact number and address.
  1. The following documents will be required in soft copy format for proceeding to further steps.
  • Duly filled Registration form-A which requires name of establishment, details of partners involved(if any) etc
  • ID proof of every partner/proprietor involved
  • Memorandum of association and articles of association
  • Partnership deed should this be a partnership firm
  • Lease/rent deed if any
  • Payment receipt or transaction receipt
  1. Once everything has been uploaded and made ready, you’ll be required to click on “Registration Form”, which should have a series of questions for you to fill out. Once that is done, the final step would be to mark the location of your establishment using GPS. You can position the pointer on an interactive GIS to mark the conclusion of the online registration.

Post making payment, the registration form will be scrutinized by the Dept. of labor. The registration need not always be done online. It can be done in person too. Is Here To Help

Unlike registering a company, registering a shop could be a little more time consuming. is dedicated to offering ready to use legal documents which can be customized to suit your needs. We also have a uniquely designed business documentation packages and startup packages which will help budding entrepreneurs immensely. We welcome you to try our incorporation packages and other legal documents to experience the ease of online documentation.

Should you need any help with the registration of your shop or a similar establishment, do feel free to contact us. Our team of lawyers will be more than happy to help!

07 Sep, 16

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