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What Is eDocument?

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Traditionally, a document is any piece of information or evidence that is written or printed. On the contrary, an eDocument is a computerized document that is used to record information. Being digital, an eDocument provides for the easy and instant processing of information.

Business processes have felt a whirlwind shift in the way the documents are processed in the last two decades. Clearly, the internet has played a central role in the radical viability of eDocuments across the global economy.

Many traditional practices of the gone-by era like standing in long queues to make a payment or having exclusive personnel at work to maintain or transport documents have now elapsed into nostalgia, at least significantly, thanks to eDocuments that can be processed almost instantly.

In fact, the forms we fill for online shopping or the sticky notes we create on the desktop can also be termed an  eDocument. The viability of eDocuments has grown emphatically in India, especially since the emergence of Aadhaar based eSignatures.

The Aadhaar based eSigning facility helps anyone with an Aadhaar linked phone number to make a legally binding eSignature over a eDocument. The facility has proven to help businesses and individuals across the country to boost their workflow and reduce significant working capital.

The erudite features of the eDocuments make them a fundamental part of our daily lives in one way or another.

5 Enterprising Features of The eDocument

1. Cost Effective

It was a customary practice for most businesses to stock huge volumes of paper, pens and such complimentary inventory as buying them often would increase cost overheads. eDocuments have inspired the elimination of such inventory, the space for the same and the manpower to handle it.

2. Boost Productivity

Most, if not all processes in an organization have a need to be documented.  eDocuments, while cutting substantial costs, boosts productivity as it can be created and processed to any part of the world instantly. With such extensive convenience, the business is now in a great space to focus on other important processes.

3. Improved Customer Service

Engaging customers and serving them is now a more dynamic and convenient process than ever before. Also keeping records of the customer accounts and tracing them is a seamless function. Quite a shift from the arduousness attached to the otherwise paper bound function.

4. Information Security

Sensitive and crucial documents like the ones involving important transactions can now be secured in an impenetrable way with the eDocuments, they can even be eSigned in a legally binding way too, just like the paper documents, but, in a way more impressive way.

5. Easy Handling

eDocuments from any point in time can be accessed in instant ease.  One doesn’t have to enter Store Room # 18, open the Locker B12 to find a particular file amongst a pile of other documents.


07 Dec, 17

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