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Gazette Publication For Name Change

Most of us know that we hardly have a say in what our names are. Thankfully, we do have ways to set this right now. In India, anybody above the age of 18 is free to change his/her name to something else as long as the procedure involved is followed without mistakes.


For all of you, unhappy with your names, this article may come as a welcome relief. Let’s find out how a major Indian can change his/her name the legal way.

Is Gazette Publication Needed For Everyone?

While Gazette publication is recommended for everyone, it is rarely practiced by non-Government employees. For Govt. servants, this is a compulsory step. These days, there is an increasing demand for Gazette publication for everyone while changing your name, especially in KYC forms and other similar documents. However, for changing your name in Passport, PAN and some banks this is optional for non-Govt. employees.

Guidelines For Name Change

Whatever your reasons are, astrology, marriage or anything else, name change is a simple procedure in India. The process as such, though simple, may take time.

Keep in mind that the Registration of Birth and Deaths Act will not allow more than one name change in a person’s lifetime. Which means due consideration should be given to the idea of name change and the name you pick.

Now, let’s get to the steps without much ado!

1. Affidavit

The first step would be preparing a name change affidavit mentioning reason for such a change on a stamp paper of INR 10. Ensure that you include vital details like old name, intended new name, reason for name change, address of current residence and father’s/husband’s name. Appear before a notary/legal official/ Magistrate and swear the affidavit. Get this affidavit attested.

2. Pro Forma

  • Filling in a declaration known as the Pro Forma is the next step in legally changing your name. This application can be obtained from Dept. of Publication of any state.
  • You will have to fill in this form in the presence of two witnesses and also get their signatures.
  • You will also need to two attested photos of yourself.
  • A cover letter also has to be drafted.

3. Newspaper Advertisement

This is a really vital step. An advertisement indicating your name change must be published in at least two local newspapers indicating the fact that you changed the name and other details like old name, new name and since when this name change applies.

Once the ad appears, you must keep an original copy of the advertisement. Having more than one copy cannot hurt, so we recommend that you keep at least 10 samples (the whole newspaper) of your ad.

4. Gazette Publication

This is generally considered as the concluding step in the name change procedure in our country. This step involves publishing the name change in your State or Central Gazette after paying the requisite fee. Submit the application with documents like the Proforma, the newspaper with the ad highlighted, affidavit prepared initially and the attested passport size photos.

As a closing step, you will be required to obtain copies of the gazette publication wherein your ad appears. You may have to wait for a fortnight to get copies.

What Happens After Your Name Is Changed?

Once you have successfully completed the above steps, your name is considered changed officially. Presenting copies of the Gazette publication you can request for issue of new passport, electoral ID and other valid Govt. IDs.

If you are someone wishing to pursue higher studies in India or abroad, you may have to get your name changed in your class 10/12 certificates and degree certificates as well. This can be done by writing requests to the boards/ universities that issued your certificates to you.

Well, that’s the whole procedure for you. Good luck with your new name!

Super-Easy Method To Change Your Name

While the procedure is fairly simple, there requires some amount of moving around to get things like the affidavit and other documents prepared and printing them on stamp paper. Most people agree that this is the most frustrating task of all because finding stamp vendors, drafting the affidavit and most of all deciding the content of the affidavit are Herculean tasks which is why LegalDesk presents a very easy way to get this done.


    Poornima says: posted on 29 Jul, 2017

    Hi Goutam, yes it is necessary to change your name in all the important documents. If you are changing religion, then you will have to follow proper legal process and have to notify it in Gazette too. To avail our help, please provide your contact no. and email all details to

    Poornima says: posted on 29 Jul, 2017

    Hi Ms. Banu, your query is unclear. But to change name in documents such as Voter ID and Aadhaar, you will be asked for a proof of the name in some important document. If you do not have any document with your required name mentioned, then you will have to get a name change Gazette notification.
    To get more details, please write to along with your contact details or call us on 080-46682600 (Mon-Fri 10 am to 6 pm).

    Allam Ravi Kumar says: posted on 28 Jul, 2017

    I am md Zareena banu w/o Iqbql saheb accutal my name is Lavudya Banu D/o Gopya (S.T.Lambada) He is not coming since 2013 to till today
    i have change my name Lavudiya Banu D/O Gopya in Aadhar, voter ID, eletrical billWhat should I do???

    goutam das says: posted on 26 Jul, 2017

    Sir, if i convert into muslim from hindu and change my name by an affidavit, is it necessary to change my name in voter card or aadhar card or pan card? Plz sir, suggest me.

    Poornima says: posted on 25 Jul, 2017

    Hey James, Gazette notification would be sufficient.

    Poornima says: posted on 21 Jul, 2017

    We can definitely help with the remaining procedure. Hope the affidavit and newspaper publication are done recently. Please provide your details here-
    In the services section, choose only Gazette Notification.

    sharik says: posted on 20 Jul, 2017

    I have completed two steps 1st is Affidavit and advertisement in newspaper, please assist me with remaining steps to get it published in gazette of india

    Thanks and regards,

    Vineeta says: posted on 14 Jul, 2017

    Hello Sir,

    I need to change my daughter’s name in a policy and they have asked for the gazette notification for that. Is it required for changing name in policy for a 11 yrs girl. If yes, then do we need to do all these steps, also how much time will it take to reflect. From where we can get the published gezette notification and how much it costs for name change.
    Please advice

    Poornima says: posted on 12 Jul, 2017

    Hi Maneesh, the Central government authorities approve only Central Gazette publication and we can help you with the procedure for the same. Please send us the scan copy of your name change affidavit and news paper ad along with your contact number to . Please note that the affidavit should not be a year old and newspaper has to be within 6months from now, only then they can be used. If not you will have to get both done again.

    Maneesh Kumar says: posted on 11 Jul, 2017

    Sir, i am a central government employee and i have changed my name in state gazette. The appoining authority is refusing to change my name in service record on behalf of state gazzette. They are asking me to get publish this in central gazzette. i want to know on behalf of already published issue of state gazzette, can i apply in the publication dpmt of central gazzette for name change. help me sir

    Yogesh Laddha says: posted on 07 Jul, 2017

    in Rajasthan Service Rules, there is common rules for all, Only Gadget Notification of Employees for name correction Even for woman employee after marriage.
    While Central Govt has special rules for Woman Employee. Woman Employee can submit affidavit along with marriage certificate for her surname correction only.
    While rajasthan needs gadget notification for this.

    Amit sarkar says: posted on 30 Jun, 2017

    Hi iam Amit,my aadhar card,voter card,pan card name amrita sarkar my aadhar,voter,pan card name change help me

    A SHANKAR RAO says: posted on 24 Jun, 2017

    To incorporate full name from short name, what documents required and fee.

    Anonymous says: posted on 24 Jun, 2017

    To incorporate full name from short name what documents required

    Deepan says: posted on 23 Jun, 2017

    I’m Deepan Chakaravarthy, From Chennai,TN. I have a major problem with my name. It is like my sslc & HSC certificates are spelling my 2nd name with 2 k(chakkaravarthy) while my community certificate, adhar and my birth certificate has 1k, like I mentioned. I’m preparing for my UPSC Civil services 2018, any suggestions, plz !

    james says: posted on 09 Jun, 2017

    Is it mandatory to change the name in all prior study/ education certificates (10th, 12th, Bachelors) after receiving name change Gazette to pursue further studies in India or Abroad?
    Is it sufficient to attach the Gazette during visa process for going abroad for studies?

    Shivanshu Prakash Tripathi says: posted on 07 Jun, 2017

    Sir what if a person has changed his name through gazette notification and he has been an aspirant of UPSC civil service as well…can the person mention his new name while filling up the application form for the exam or he has to mention his old name and if he mentions his old name , won’t it create any problems when he will be asked to provide his IDs which bear his new name through gazette notification??

    hanuman says: posted on 05 Jun, 2017

    I am Hanuman Mali, my date of birth on birth certificate and other document like SSC Maharashtra board certificate not matching.

    Can Gazette for date of birth change will help to prove that I have officially changed my date of birth and any other documents such s SSC holding wrong date of birth will not be considered as valid date of birth.

    I have birth certificate and passport with date of birth as per birth certificate also on all my documents I have corrected it but it seems it almost not possible to get it correct in SSC certificate.

    Is date of birth change Gazette officially accepted everywhere(for VISA application and IT company background verification)?.

    If Gazette is accepted then still do I need to correct date of birth in SSC mark certificate.

    Poornima says: posted on 01 Jun, 2017

    Hi Mr. Singh, as of now we only help with central gazette publication. Please consult UP Gazette authority to know how to proceed further. You may have to visit govt press and fill up an application form and submit all the necessary documents.

    pratap singh says: posted on 30 May, 2017

    i want to change my name from”pratap singh dahiya /dahiya ps” to “pratap singh”.notarised an affidavit to this effect and got it published in lucknow [uttar Pradesh] newspaper. now i want to get it published in gazette of uttar Pradesh. can you help me as i do not know to proceed further .

    Poornima says: posted on 19 May, 2017

    Hi Vinoth, you will have to get a Gazette notification done for Change in Religion. Please email your details to and our legal representative will contact you (on weekdays).

    Poornima says: posted on 19 May, 2017

    It is recommended that you get a Gazette notification published for your name change announcing your new name and also quote your previous names (maiden name and other one). Please submit your details here- . Once you register and log in to your account, our representatives shall respond to your further queries internally through dashboard.

    Vinoth says: posted on 12 May, 2017

    HI this is Vinoth , I have converted to Christianity from Hindu and
    baptized. I want to change my name as daniel vinoth in gazette and
    school certificates.May i know what’s the procedure for that.

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 12 May, 2017

    You can login with the same id but if you have created any document earlier then the previous details would get auto-updated and you will have to edit it and use. So it’s recommended to use a new account which would be much easier.

    Khushi says: posted on 11 May, 2017

    Hi, I got divorced and then remarried. I live in Maharashtra. I had changed my name after first marriage ( but didn’t have gazette notification done) hence my DL, PAN card, Passport etc. has that name. Now I want to change my name again after my second marriage.
    I have a LIC policy on my maiden name as well.
    So when I’d like to get all documents with my new name, should I get 2 gazette forms filled in?
    Also when I’d give ID proof and Address proof, would I need both with my old name?
    Thanks in advance,

    Manjeet Shekhawat says: posted on 11 May, 2017

    i am talking about login id

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 10 May, 2017

    Hi Manjeet, sorry to say your query is not clear. Which ID are you referring to?

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 10 May, 2017

    Hi Mohini, please fill out your details here and submit – . One of our executives will call you or you can call on the number given on our website.

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 10 May, 2017

    Hi Nilesh, it may not be a problem. But please make sure you save the copies of Gazette notification for future references. If any such issue arises you can show it as a proof.

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 10 May, 2017

    It’s better to stick to one spelling hereafter. She needs to swear an affidavit which states that (spelling1) and (spelling2) both are her names. Please check this article to understand what it is –

    Manjeet Shekhawat says: posted on 05 May, 2017

    Hi How can i change Name in Gazette on someone else behalf, do i need to create new id every time or i can do the name change from my exisiting id

    Poornima says: posted on 04 May, 2017

    Hi Mohini, Please note that the Central Gazette would be more beneficial. For other queries, please opt for name change package and one of our executive will call and help.

    mohini chavan says: posted on 29 Apr, 2017

    Hi,i’m mohini,
    I’m married & housewife.i live in navi mumbai.
    in most cases change only middle name & last name after marriage but about me,i’m change full name after marriage in my all id’s but I don’t make Gazzate.
    I want to make Gazzate but the problem is I haven’t any proof i.e id,add & age of before marriage.
    so,how i make Gazzate?
    I heare about central gazzate & state gazzate.which gazzate is better for me in feature I.e central or state?
    what is the proccedure of name change in gazzate,i mean tell me about both reguler proccedure & e-gazzate Proccedure.

    NILESH JAMDADE says: posted on 05 Apr, 2017

    I am NILESH
    I have a Gazette notification showing change in surname
    I correct my surname in graduation showing this Gazette certificate also in all IDs
    But their no correction done in SSC and HSC certificate. Because they refuse to do so.
    I worried about govt rule that AADHAR IS LINKING with each and every education document if this done
    then no matter in DEGRRE certificate but what with my SSC AND HSC marksheet.
    Please tell me about this……………….

    Atul Kumar says: posted on 05 Apr, 2017

    My mother’s name in all the IDs is same in English but in Punjabi it is spelled differently in the sale deed of her house. The first name is fine but last name is spelled differently and doesn’t exactly match my father’s last name in his death certificate which is also in Punjabi. Now she wants to get a will registered in Punjabi language. Should she use the same spelling as it is on the sale deed of the house, in her will? And also mention an alias name which matches her ID and my father’s last name? OR should she officially get these names published in the gazette?

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 27 Mar, 2017

    Hi.. If your affidavit was made a year ago then it cannot be used now for name change in Gazette. And yes, you were right that we do not get magistrate attestation. Once we create affidavit we send it to client and then client has to sign and get it attested. The client has to send a scan copy which we use for newspaper publication.

    Suvo Chatterjee says: posted on 24 Mar, 2017

    I am Suvo Chatterjee. I have a LIC policy and 2 bank a/cs in ICICI and UBI in the name of Subha Chattopadhyay. Now I wants to change it to Suvo Chatterjee everywhere. I can produce AAdhar, pan and passport as my proof, I have also a notary affidavit which I think is now not acceptable as LIC is asking for 1st class magistrate certificate.
    I have gone through your name change package where u will do everything but the attestation of affidavit.Then I could not understand how does it help to get it printed in newspaper or gazzate if the actual affidavit is not legally bounded.Pls help me out

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 20 Mar, 2017

    Let the old name be on the SSC certificate and few other documents. But you may use the Gazette Certificate in future to claim that you have changed your name legally. Try changing your name in current ID proof documents like Aadhaar, voter card, pan card, if any.

    amol borde says: posted on 17 Mar, 2017

    SSC Board officer didn’t give me proper reason in writing ,they were telling me,
    “Gazette is not accepte to the name correction in SSC/HSC certificate.
    Can you tell me “The SSC Board may accept a Gazette certificate for name correction ?

    amol borde says: posted on 17 Mar, 2017

    SSC Board officer didn’t give me proper reason in writing ,they were telling me,
    “Gazette is not accepte to the name correction in SSC/HSC certificate.

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 16 Mar, 2017

    Hi Amol, you have not mentioned for what reason the Gazette certificate was not accepted. Can you please mail a copy of it and more details to

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 16 Mar, 2017

    Hi, our legal experts can advise you in this regard. Please click this link and provide your details to book a legal consultation –

    amol borde says: posted on 16 Mar, 2017

    I’m Amol Borde,
    I have a Gazette certificate,
    I want to correction my surname in SSC & HSC certificate.
    I went to SSC board & I submitted my gazette certificate in SSC board but the officer was not accepted my gazette certificate to surname correction in SSC certificate so tell me , What should I do???

    Poornima says: posted on 06 Mar, 2017

    You can file an objection in the court only if it’s based on proper legal grounds. The procedure may vary based on the location.

    Nidhi Meher Ahir says: posted on 14 Feb, 2017


    If someone has changed his/her name in a newspaper, and I wish to object against it, can i do so? Also what are the procedures I must conduct for complaining?

    LegalDesk Team says: posted on 14 Feb, 2017

    Hi Sagar,
    Sorry for delayed response. We can definitely help you in this regard. Kindly click this link and submit your details –

    sagar gaurav shrivastva says: posted on 23 Dec, 2016

    Hi ,
    I have changed/added my surname in 2008,however, i have not given any gazette notification. As a result, i have bee asked about it every now and hen while applying for job.Hence, requesting your’s support on how to publish gazette.


    Dr Sagar

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