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Know What Is One And The Same Person Affidavit

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Is it Shree or Sri, Lakshmi or Laxmi, Mohammed or Muhamed, Jagdish or Jagdeesh? It is quite common for certain names to have many variations in spellings, and with similar pronunciations mostly. Though most people do have nicknames, few of us might be recognized by our nicknames to such an extent that others would hardly know our actual names. And in some other cases, lengthy names are often split into two or three different names – for e.g, a person named ‘Harish Chandra Prasad’ would be called by names like ‘Harish’, ‘Chandra’ or ‘Prasad’.

Whatever is the scenario, many people would have come across a lot of confusion and often landed in trouble, mainly, when the names are misspelled or wrongly written in legal documents. The only solution to deal with the legal complications associated with such different names of a person is to make an ‘Affidavit for One and the Same Person’.


Uses Of Affidavit Of One And The Same Person

The affidavit of one and the same person is used to declare that two (or more) names pertain to the same person. If you have been using multiple names for yourself, but without legally changing your name, then you will be asked to submit this affidavit, to declare that you have used all those names (mention all variations of your name accurately in the document). The general contexts in which you would need to draft an affidavit for one and the same person are as listed below –  

  1. If your name differs in your educational certificates/documents.
  2. If your middle or last name is skipped in any of your documents/records.
  3. If your name is misspelt, mostly during translation from any local language to English.
  4. If the initial is missing or not expanded.
  5. If you have used other variants of your name without legally changing your name.
  6. If your maiden name is mentioned in some of your documents while husband’s surname (for married women) in others.

Essential Details To Enter

The following details should be included in the affidavit of one & the same person-

  1. The actual name of the deponent
  2. Misprinted name/ other variations of the name of the deponent
  3. Father’s name or Husband’s name (for married women)
  4. Date of birth of the deponent
  5. Address of the deponent
  6. Declaration stating that there is no fraud or misrepresentation in the affidavit

You may also include details such as which of your certificates or legal documents contain which name of yours. For e.g. if your Aadhaar card contains your name with the correct spelling while your Election ID card or PAN card might have the wrong/different spelling, then you can also include this detail in your affidavit.

Things To Remember

While drafting a one and the same person affidavit, you will have to remember these things-

  1. Include accurate details of actual name, altered name and address.
  2. Print the draft on Stamp paper of govt. recommended value.
  3. Place your signature on the affidavit.
  4. Get it attested by a Notary Public.

Before printing the affidavit on Stamp paper, please make sure that you have clearly specified which name exactly among other names of yours would you desire to continue with for all your future documents, references, etc.

How To Make It Legally Enforceable And Valid?

The procedure to make an affidavit for one and the same person legally valid is similar to that of validating most other affidavits. The deponent (person making the affidavit) has to draft the affidavit first and print it on a Stamp paper of State-recommended value (it may vary from state to state). Then, the deponent should sign the document in the place designated and swear before an official (can be attested by Public Notary) who has the authority to witness and validate oaths. Only after the deponent and the official, who witnessed the oath, signs the affidavit, the document is considered as legally valid and enforceable.

Create One & The Same Person Affidavit In Minutes

Hoping that you have now clearly understood the procedure of creating one and the same person affidavit, and have also cleared all your doubts related to the same. Now it’s time to check out the most easiest way of making the affidavit yourself. Yes! With LegalDesk’s ready to use template, now you can make your own affidavit for one and the same person in just a few minutes.

You can create various legal documents, affidavits, passport annexures, wills, rental agreements, gift-deeds online at any time and from anywhere. We also assist you in helping with your change of name procedure and its Gazette publication. Isn’t this an excellent way of hassle-free legal documentation? All you have to do is fill in your details in the ready form and download a copy of the affidavit and print it on stamp paper. Or simply opt for delivery option, in which we print the document on Stamp paper and deliver to your doorstep. Get started!

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