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Procedure To Make Gift Deed In Kerala

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Have you been thinking about gifting to someone the property you have? Are you confused about how to go about it? Looking for a lawyer?

Well you don’t have to worry anymore and you don’t need to look for a lawyer. You are at the right place! We, at LegalDesk, offer you customized gift deeds that involve only you logging in to our website and filling in the relevant details, so that you don’t have to spend time or money hassling around for a lawyer.


Not only that, but we also have numerous other ready-made user-friendly templates of legal documents that can be used by you! Our website is easy to use and convenient, and the documents are verified by a team of lawyers so that you can save time and money.

Gift Deed Defined

You have probably come across this term and if you are wondering what it means, you don’t need to go any further to find out the answer. A gift deed is a legal document or record that shows that the donor of a property is passing on the legally held title of that property to some other person, referred to as the donee.

Is Gift Deed Mandatory?

A gift deed needs to be mandatorily made and registered in case of immovable property being transferred whereas it is not necessary in the case of movable property. The provisions that need to be fulfilled for a gift deed to be valid are covered in Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and the Registration Act, 1908.

What Makes A Gift Deed Valid?

The following conditions need to be met for a gift deed to be legally valid:

  • When a donor is creating a gift deed in favor of a third party, he/she should know what implications the agreement will have and should have the competency to enter into such agreements.
  • A gift deed can be made only if the donor has a legal title over the property at present. He/she can transfer only that property over which he has a legal claim.
  • A gift should be made of either movable or immovable property, however, the creation of a gift deed is mandatory only in cases of immovable property.
  • As per the Indian Contracts Act, 1872, a minor cannot enter into a contract. Since a gift deed is also a type of a contract, a minor cannot create a gift deed in anyone’s favor. However, a gift deed can be made in favor of a minor in the name of his/her guardian.
  • Another aspect of the Indian Contracts Act which affects the creation of a gift deed is the idea of ‘free consent’ and the fact that no contract will be valid if it is made under duress, coercion or undue influence.
  • When a gift deed is created in favor of a donee, he/she should accept the gift during the lifetime of the donor for it to be valid otherwise it will not be recognised by the law.
  • Given that any contract has two parties, at least, both the parties should consent to the transfer in the same sense for it to be legally valid and accepted. Hence, acceptance by the donee is an important aspect for the creation of a gift deed.

Registration Of A Gift Deed

For a gift deed to be recognised by the law, apart from the above conditions, it needs to be registered in the sub-registrar’s office.

As per Section 17 of the Registration Act, a gift of an immovable property needs to be compulsorily registered under the jurisdiction of the sub-registrar’s office where the property is situated.

In Kerala, the government in the 2011 amendment of the Registration Act of Kerala fixed a maximum cap of Rs 1,000 on stamp duty for land dealings between family members, which includes wife, husband, father, mother, brother, sister, grandparents and grandchildren, and pegged the maximum registration fee at Rs 25,000.

We Are Here To Help

We, at LegalDesk, ensure that you don’t have to spend hours waiting at your lawyer’s office to make a gift deed or any other legal document because we bring to you an array of customized legal documents including affidavits, agreements and Wills which are easy to use, convenient and definitely saves you time and money because everything is ready-to-use. All you need to do is log into our website, search for the legal document that you require and fill out the relevant details. We will customize it for you and the document will also be verified by our team of lawyers so that you can take advantage of our top-notch services!

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  • ***Jayesh k*** says: posted on 09 Jul, 2017

    Hi sir, I have an estate of 1.5 acres at high range in Kerala which was purchased by father for me and now he is no more and I would like to gift this property to one of my friend for some personal reasons. I would like to know the stamp duties which is to be be done for this transaction. Both we are majors and I would like to give it as secret gift to my friend on his birthday. So two things I want to know…one thing, how much will be stamp duty in Kerala and can we do it without making my friend known to this, because I would like to gift surprisingly. Pls let me know…Jayesh

  • ***LegalDesk Team*** says: posted on 04 May, 2017

    Hi Mathew, you can consult our legal experts on phone to get the details –

  • ***mathew augustine*** says: posted on 01 May, 2017


    I would like to transfer my 10 lac worth Agri land property to my sister. What an all would be the charges ?

  • ***Poornima*** says: posted on 15 Dec, 2016

    Gift made by way of cash or cheque does not essentially be executed through a gift deed. Writing a plain typed note on a paper will generally suffice. It is not required to be stamped and registration is also not needed. You may simply mention the names of persons, their relation and that the gift is being given out of love and affection.

  • ***bindu*** says: posted on 28 Nov, 2016

    Is Gift deed required for gift as cash in Kerala? I recieved cash gift as cheque is it required to be registered on stamp paper? Or can I prepare gift deed on white paper for proof? Is it valid proof?

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