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What Goes Into Getting The Right Architect?

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At the time of building your dream home, there will be many factors that surround its progress. You may have given all your time and thought to consider what you want when building your home. Have you thought about what you don’t need in the process? The right Architect can help you with house building in India which is considered a luxury that involves creative activity, smart utilization of space, budget and external appearance.


Diverse Qualities In Architects

It is important to meet as many architects as possible and understand the qualities that each one posses. Based on their skill, you can suit your preferences and choose the right one. Architects may possess diverse qualities in design aesthetics such as:

  • Architects build houses of contemporary style while others favour traditional style
  • Some architects have a good eye towards attractive skyscrapers in a mega project while others are better at designing individual homes.
  • Few architects are good towards a feature of the house such as stairs or floor levels while others may be specialized towards reusable materials or concepts.
  • Well-reputed architects have multiple design ideas and experience which most young architects may not possess.

Check For Previous Projects Built

A basic question that riddles the mind of the owner is how to know if you are dealing with the right type of architect.

In order to answer this question, here are some tips:

  • Look at properties they have previously built.
  • Do not rush to any conclusion based on pictures.
  • Make a visit to the houses to get a first glimpse at it.

Provide your requirements and request the architect to prepare a prototype of the design. This will give you a detailed view of the design.

Finalizing An Architect For Your House

No matter how many architects you analyse, you will never be sure while finalizing one. However, here are some tips to keep in mind while finalizing an architect:

  • Creative: Individual tastes must match with the architect. Be sure the architect can bring your creativity to life.
  • Accessibility: A reliable architect is one who is easily accessible and takes responsibility for the project from the time of creation to execution. In simple, a good architect must be a responsible individual.
  • Flexible: A good architect must possess smart ways to incorporate designs conveyed by the owner, on in some case change the already existing design too. In simple, an architect must be flexible enough to revise existing design.

Opt For A Licensed Architect

A licensed architect proves the credibility of the person and the knowledge he possesses in the field. The license shows that contractors have taken an exam and proven knowledge in terms of building codes and processes. In simple, a licensed home architect minimizes the risk to owners. For instance, a worker gets hurt during work, and that an architect does not have a license, then such architects will be liable to an offence.

Cost And Benefits

Sometimes choosing the lowest bid may turn out to be a nightmare. A key factor to keep in mind is the importance of your project’s final cost, which may differ from the initial cost. Architects who negotiate a large portion of their work understand the process involved and posses a closer understanding of the costs that are associated with the construction. Sometimes, shedding a little more money on the right architect can benefit you by getting better services, which thereby builds an element of trust.

Know Who Performs The Work

You must know whether the person you’re hiring will work by himself or will he give a subcontract to his subordinate. Having subcontractors is sometimes a good thing since an architect will put a good sub contractor who’s trustworthy. Knowing whether a contractor or his subordinate is performing the work, builds responsibility in the way contractor functions.

Building Your Dream Home Can Be A Nightmare

If you are planning to build a house or perhaps renovate your residing one, then you need to look out for the right architect before getting your plan sanctioned. Traditionally, the owner of a property chooses the lowest bidder for the project. Today, this trend has changed as most owners are considering a negotiated contractor selection process that involves the contractor in the project design in hopes of better design, cost and faster work.


Well, poor planning and budgeting can lead to flaws in the process of building your dream home. Prior to planning your home, looking at the design, materials to-be-used and use of space must be considered as a priority. You must also take into consideration the fact of whether your family is planning to expand or will your children leave; must be given a thought.

Time must be given for research, both mentally and physically, in terms of building construction. A poor design choice can make your home an uncomfortable place and unhealthy. Currently, in India, the concept of a joint family system is gradually fading and hence its worth hiring an architect and discussing everything with him/her before finalizing any plan for construction.

Must Avoid Mistakes When Building A House

Here are some common mistakes you must avoid when building your dream home:

Not Focusing On Simplicity

Most often, people try hard in concentrating on design plans and thus add extra layers of extensions that are not required. As a result, the element of simplicity does not exist and unnecessary expenditure creeps up. Avoid unnecessary expenditure and look at simpler things and ways to get your dream home complete.

Not Foreseeing Future

One common mistake most owners make is the fact of not overseeing that your family will not stay young for long. Rooms that are big enough for 2 people will become crowded when the family grows. Similarly, you will begin regretting the fact of not building a room on the ground floor or the upper floors. Thus overseeing the future of your family and yourself must be taken into early consideration during the planning process of your dream home.

Not Seeking Professional Help

You may have lots of ideas and know what you want and how to get your dream home completed. But sometimes, it is always recommended to seek professional help in order to achieve this task. Take, for instance, a doctor does not treat himself. He also consults other doctors. Similarly having an idea needs the right qualified architect to bring the idea to life. You can book a professional architect and discuss with them your current and future needs to get the best plan drafted for your home. Don’t do it all yourself, take professional help. So that there is a finesse to your plan!

Poor Planning Of Space

Sometimes you may alter your building plan with a huge ceiling for a small room and assume that you are benefited by such height. Sometimes making use of the volume of space can be a smart idea than increasing your ceiling height. Using space in a smart manner can help you plan a better and attractive home.

If you are of the assumption that getting a bigger living room than a bathroom, then in terms of volume of space you may be wrong. Instead, plan on utilizing the space wisely and accurately keeping in mind spacing. In simple consider the volume of space when planning your home.

Poor Ventilation

A good house plan will have sufficient ventilation like windows and lighting fixtures surrounding the house. The presence of windows in every room must be as large as possible allowing natural light. Poor ventilation will darken your building allowing a shadow like dark feel in terms of light. Spacious homes with more ventilation bring in positivism and also helps you conserve electricity.

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