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Rent Agreement Registration In Uttar Pradesh

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Be it Registration or Stamp paper service that you are looking for the drafting of your Rental Agreement in Uttar Pradesh, don’t look beyond!

Noida and Lucknow being the developing hubs in the state of Uttar Pradesh and famous for attracting numerous investments in its reach, there is little doubt that the realty sector is booming. All the more reason for you to safeguard your rental/lease stay by registering your Rental Agreements at the nearest Sub-Registrar Office.

You may assume signature to be the ultimate marker for validating a legal document. But contrary to popular assumption, signature won’t stand the text of admissible evidence when faced against a legal dispute. Here, the attestation from a government institution becomes paramount without which you could attract penalty. Cases of misappropriation of cash and property are not rare instances in the realty sector. This in itself should be enough reason for you to not to skip rent agreement registration, be it a commercial or residential, long term or short term.

How To Register Rental Agreements?

Registering Rental Agreements comprises of just a visit to your nearest Sub-Registrar Office. Before your Rental Agreement expires, which is within four months of the date of execution, it is to be registered. After which you are expected to construct a whole new Lease or Rental Agreement. This applies to all legal documents mandating registration except for a Will.

At the time of the registration, both the parties, i.e., the Tenant and the Landlord, along with two witnesses, are to be present for the attestation without which it is rejected or annulled. If it is improbable for the parties to be present at the time of the registration, he/she must sign a Power of Attorney granting the rights to an attorney for them to be eligible for executing the Agreement.

Documents Required For Registration

For a lease agreement or rent agreement registration, the documents that are to be carried along with your Rental Agreement are as listed below-

  1. 2 photographs of each of the parties and one from each of the witnesses.
  2. Copy of the Address proof of both of the parties along with those of the witnesses – Passport, Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, Bank Passbook or Driving License.
  3. Route map to the property which is leased or rented.

Registration Charges

Registration charges are relatively charged based on the duration of the Agreement and sometimes based on the market value of the property.

You can calculate both Stamp Duty and registration costs from our Stamp Duty Calculator. Enter the security deposit along with the monthly rent you are paying the landlord and calculate your Stamp Duty as well as Registration fees.

What Does The Law Say?

The Registration Act, 1908, extending to the whole of India, (except Jammu and Kashmir) lays down all the rules and guidelines regarding Registration and answers all your queries surrounding the topic of Registration of legal documents.

According to the Act, a ‘Lease’ encompasses the following entities or institutions – counterpart, kabuliyat, an undertaking to cultivate or occupy, and an agreement to lease, while an immovable property includes land, buildings, hereditary allowances, rights to ways, lights, ferries, fisheries, or any other benefit to arise out of land (but not standing timber or growing crops). Any of the aforementioned immovable properties are to be registered if they are leased out to a Tenant or a Leasee for 12 months or more. A rent agreement lasting 11 months (or less) doesn’t mandate Registration.

The Official Gazette demarcates the jurisdiction of a certain district or sub-district and the registration is to be done in that particular office where the jurisdiction encloses the location of the immovable property.

Why Register A Rental Agreement?

Registration is the one way for agreements to prevent fraudulent activities or misappropriation of properties.

Rent agreement registration is also a mandatory procedure followed for Rental Agreements exceeding the duration of 12 months, which is why most people prefer 11-month Rental Agreement. A 11-month Rental Agreement is hence concluded once both the Landlord and the Tenant signs the agreement. However, when it comes to a Long Term Lease Agreement or Commercial Agreement, which are more prone to high financial damages, it is always recommended and also mandatory (according to The Registration Act, 1908) to Register a Rental Agreement.

Should I Notarize My Rental Agreement?

Notarization is a formality followed while executing Lease Agreements with higher values to make sure a notarised agreement brings legal authenticity through the ensurement of the person’s identity and signature. Hence, rather than protecting your Rental Agreement (which is what registration do), attestation from a Notary Public protects your identity/signature. This also helps in the instance of a legal dispute. A Registered as well as a Notarised document stands a better defence when facing a legal dispute.  

How Can Assist?

If you are looking for solutions and answers surrounding your queries around rent agreement registration, you have indeed come to the right place! is one of the few exclusive startups dedicated to bring Legal Documents to your doorstep. So if you haven’t created your Rental Agreement yet, do it with us now! It revolutionizes the very idea behind constructing a legal document by handing out the tool for you consumers to choose and frame the clauses of your own agreement by yourself. 

Have your Rental Agreement Ready? Still looking for Stamp Papers? Use our Print and Delivery Service to get your agreements printed on a Stamp Paper delivered to your home.

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