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Documents Required For Creating Will

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As many of you would already know, a Will is a legal declaration describing a person’s wishes about distribution of his/her wealth after the person’s death.

While many people postpone this task until they reach old age, we should emphasize that it is not a very wise decision. The world around us is pretty terrifying and we can never predict how long we shall live. Should something unfortunate happen to us, dying without a Will would lead to fights among your family members for a share of property. Even worse, minors and elderly family members may get casted out leaving them weak and vulnerable.

If you have not yet thought about the possible consequences of dying without creating Will, then here’s something to push you. Take a look at things that could happen if you die intestate (meaning without a Will or specific instructions).

  1. Causes confusion about how your wealth should be distributed
  2. Family members may fight to get a share of your property
  3. Education and general well being of minors will be affected unless they are placed under a guardian (must be designated in the Will) who will safeguard their interests
  4. Elderly may be thrown out after their property share is snatched from them
  5. Nobody will have any clue about how your debts and liabilities should be cleared

How Is An Intestate Person’s Wealth Distributed?

Our law has some specific set of rules called Intestacy Laws which step in if a person dies intestate. In the event that a person dies without leaving behind a Will, the law will distribute the wealth among your surviving family members the way your religion would have wanted it.

This means that a part of your wealth could go to that close relative of yours whom you totally despise. But since that relative is close to you relationship wise, nobody will have a say in it.

Intestacy laws have been known to create unpleasant family disputes and such laws rarely put aside anything for charity.

Creating A Will Online

Thanks to the advent of technology, everything under the sun is now available on the Internet. The Will is no exception to this either. Many templates of Will are available online which can either guide you to create one of your own or gives you pre-drafted forms that can be customized. That said, beware of the forms available online that are created by amateurs. Using them may land you in unwanted troubles.

LegalDesk is solely dedicated to the purpose of providing the Indian citizens with lawyer-verified and ready to use legal forms. Our Will is one of the most popular documents used by our clients. It is in accordance with all the laws, verified by experts and can be customized to suit your needs in just a few minutes. It saves you all hassles of having to go to a lawyer to draft one. All you need to do is visit our page and fill in your details to create a Will right away. We can even print it on Stamp paper and mail it to you!

What Documents Are Required To Create An Online Will?

The answer is – Nothing other than a list of your assets and details of beneficiaries. To create a Will with LegalDesk, you also need a sane mind, which we are sure that you already possess. To know what else you may require, visit our Will page for clear instructions.

All you need to do is fill in your details into our pre-drafted form, opt to get a printed copy delivered and place your signature on the document as soon as you get it. A Will does not require any supporting documents so your signature and that of two witnesses is good enough to make it legally binding. When there are so many benefits of making a Will, why not make one quickly? So, just get started by clicking the button below.

23 Nov, 15

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