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Digitization Of The Indian Legal System

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The current Indian Legal System emphasises less on technology and more on paperwork. There are thousands of courts, over a million advocates, lakhs of ongoing cases, and an enormous pile of pending cases gathering dust but most importantly there is a sheer lack of information.

Post the Digital India initiative LIMBS (Legal Information Management and Briefing System), there has been a lot of change in the traditional ways of the system. There is more information being stored online, the status of the cases is now accessible to anybody, legal databases are accessible to judges and Notary applications can be filed online.

This is, however, a small step in a country like ours with a population of over a billion. The traditional methods of legal documentation, paperwork and court work need to change through awareness, technology and pursuance by the Government as it needs to be implemented throughout the country.

To address this issue, has organized an event in collaboration with iSpirt Foundation and Daksh Society to discuss possible solutions to make what we already have entered into a better system and discover new ways to make the legal system of the country technologically powered.

At this event, Legal will be presenting a new eNotary technology in which an eNotary solution can be implemented by utilizing a combination of Aadhaar based authentication, eSign, DigiLocker system (“India Stack”) and video/audio recorded interview. With the eNotary system, attestation, authentication and verification of legal instruments can be done remotely. This is expected to make paperwork easier, faster and more secure.

The esteemed speakers at this program are Hon’ble Shri. Sadananda Gowda, Hon’ble Shri. T.B Jayachandra, Hon’ble Shri. Santhosh Lad, Shri. Prabhuling K Navadgi, Shri. Sajan Poovayya and Shri. Kishore Mandyam who will add a note on the reforms the Government is making towards improving our existing system.

Law Students, Advocates, Legal Professionals, Academicians, Legal Research Scholars will be part of the event to discuss and present their ideas. Papers will be presented regarding the research that has gone into the field and the solutions implemented so far.

How is this going to impact us you ask?

There will be a panel discussion with industry experts in technology and law to address the issues we currently face and come together with the audience to try and build something tangible for the country.

The ways to use technology and the online Notary system will be explored. Identifying the loopholes and the hurdles that stop growth is another area of interest in the discussion.

Why are students here you ask?

Students will have the opportunity to interact and engage with experts in the field. They can offer solutions, identify problems, network with colleagues and present a paper.

The general public is also invited to be a part of this event to witness and engage in the discussion.

This event aims to promote innovation, technology and the ability to make changes to the Indian Legal System.

05 Nov, 16

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