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Blog Article Has Launched Aadhaar Based eSign Service

posted in Blog by is stoked to announce that we’ve launched our new eSign service portal, the service that will replace the wet signature! The launch of took place on the 3rd of August, 2016, at The Park, Bangalore. Among the many dignitaries present were Padma Bhushan Sri. Nandan Nilekani and Mr. Nikhil Kumar, a startup evangelist from iSPIRT. allows citizens to remotely sign any document using their Aadhaar number and the mobile number registered with it. The application also allows users to share the legal document with other parties involved, thus completely eliminating the need for the physical presence.

To electronically sign a document, users must simply upload the document to be signed onto to and then provide their Aadhaar number. A one time password (OTP) will be sent to their Aadhaar-registered mobile number. On entering the correct OTP, a digital signature or the eSign will be generated. The user can then choose where to place the eSign on the uploaded legal document and complete the process. The document can then be shared with other parties so that they can place their eSignature on it.

The launch event gathered quite a bit of attention from the media and press. We even live streamed and posted about the event on various social media. Amidst much buzz and activity, the man behind the Aadhaar initiative, Sri. Nandan Nilekani, unveiled the product along with our founders, Krupesh Bhat and Ashok Kadsur.

On the list of invitees was the IT-BT & Tourism Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Priyank Kharge. While he could not make it to the event, he did send his good regards and it was humbling to see him take time out to send good wishes to us.

During the event, launched its first mobile application which is expected to take drafting rental agreements to a whole new level of easy. Rental Agreement, as the app is called, was unveiled by Mr. Nikhil Kumar, from IndiaStack, part of the iSPIRT organisation. The app has now been made available on the Google Play Store for Android. The app will allow users to create rental agreements and commercial leases on their phones while also letting them opt for stamp paper printing and doorstep delivery services.

“Digital signature is an excellent initiative. It would make the entire documentation process paperless. It is great to see startups like adopting the Aadhaar innovatively using eSign and India Stack.” said Mr. Nilekani during the launch. For our team, this was indeed a huge source of inspiration.

Many leading dailies covered the event and our team is beyond overjoyed. Many months worth of hard work has finally paid off and we’re elated. Right now, we have a promotional discount going on on the website, so all of you are welcome to try it out! We’ll make sure that you face no hurdles and difficulties during the process. We would also encourage you to follow us on various social media so that you can stay updated on every development and attractive offers that we might throw your way! began two years ago and has come a long way since then. The team has expanded considerably and we’re gearing up for grander ambitions. As a company, we’re passionate about helping the Indian masses and using technology to simplify lives. With, we hope that we’re a step closer to a new and improved India.

Here are some pictures for you!


Sri. Nandan Nilekani & Nikhil Kumar with our founders Krupesh Bhat and Ashok Kadsur.


The unveiling of!


Nikhil Kumar from iSPIRT launching the ‘Rental Agreement’ mobile app!


Questions from the press

And that’s our team!

05 Aug, 16

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  • ***iman*** says: posted on 02 Aug, 2017

    Is the esign valid for rental agreement ? How can I have a totally digital rental agreement without any physical paper ?

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