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6 Tips To Choose The Best Website Name For Your Business

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If you are planning to start a website of your own, you’ve probably come to the right place. In the age of the internet, everything has an online presence and there’s a good chance that whatever business you begin online has a chance of becoming an instant hit, provided it is marketed the right way.


You may be aspiring to start a blog, a website for an already established business or a completely new venture altogether, choosing the right website name is monumental. Also, domain names sell like hot cakes, so the name you have in mind will probably be sold by the time you finish reading this piece. If you don’t have a name in mind, make sure you read this article. (quickly please).

So, here are the 6 life-saving rules to picking the right domain name. Apply these rules well, and we assure you that you’ll have a killer name for your website.

1. Ease Of Remembering

Ideally, the website name you pick should be short, easy to pronounce and type, and above all, easy to recall. Let’s assume that you are starting a catering service and you want to sell your services through a website. Naming it after yourself or a family business might seem like a nice idea, but if it is painfully long and has a complex spelling, chances are high that people would fail at remembering your name correctly again. Something along the lines of “” or “” might be easy for everyone to recall.

2. Target/ Area-specific

If your website focuses on one industry or one industry in a certain area alone, you may want to include that in your website name. Like if you provide salon services in the city of Mumbai alone, you could name your website “”. This website name is easy to remember and will indicate the area of business quite clearly as well.

3. Reduce Complexity

This will aid point #1. Complex spellings and names make it extremely difficult for potential customers to remember your website’s name. Also, using hyphens or special characters is discouraged. Nobody wants to or will remember “”. This website name is not only complex, it is also very long. 

4. The Right Extension

Most non-tech savvy folks think that .com is the default extension of every website. If only we could tell them how untrue that is. Many recognized extensions are used for websites all over the world and they are typically chosen based on the function intended by the website. Here are some of the most commonly used website extensions and their purposes.

  • .com – This is a top level domain name or TLD and was initially intended to stand for commercial. It later was made available for a host of general purpose uses and is now the most commonly used extension.
  • .net – This extension is typically used for technical websites or in general, websites that fall under the category of Internet infrastructure.
  • .org – .org is almost the opposite of .com, which means anything non-commercial could be .org. It is also used for NGOs.
  • .me – This is a recent addition to the world of extensions and is commonly used as the extension for blogs, vlogs, personal portfolio sites and CV websites.
  • .info – Another popular generic top level domain or gTLD, .info is used as the extension for informational sites and the likes.
  • .edu – Yet another top level domain which is classified as sponsored or sTLD which has been in use since 2001. Edu is an extension that is used by educational institutions.
  • .biz – This is also a recent addition and is used as the extension for websites in the ecommerce industry.

Apart from the domain extensions listed above, the Internet also allows each country to use their two-letter country code as extensions in order to allow organized use of websites belonging to them. Eg. .in for India, .jp for Japan, .ru for Russian Federation etc.

5. Include Keywords

If you are running a business website, you’ll do well to include the keyword that people often search the type of business by. Eg. if you run a laundry service that picks up, launders and delivers clothes, people are most probably going to type “laundry service in <area>”. If you have the word “laundry” in your website’s name, the chances of your website showing up on a customer’s search are drastically improved.

6. Names That Sound Similar

Avoid picking a website name that is similar to the name of an already well-established company. This is a move that could potentially land you in trouble although it does help in getting some unsuspecting visitors. Names that sound very similar or have an entire substring from another website name could be assumed be to posing as the other.

What’s In A Name?

Shakespeare was from a different time and so calling a rose by any other name probably made no difference. But today, everything lies in the name, especially on the Internet. If you are planning to start a business online or even a blog, would be more than happy to help you with setting on up. In case you are aspiring to start a company as such, we have a host of legal documents, startup packages and incorporation packages as well to help you sail through the process easily. Our services are available in most parts of the country and can help you create legal documents from the comforts of your home!

06 Oct, 16

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