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Publication Of Name Change In Gazette

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Change of name is a process that brings with it a set of legal obligations that need to be complied with. The purpose of these requirements are to ensure that an individual who changes his or her name does so with bonafide intentions and not to cause any fraud or misrepresentation before other individuals or authorities. It is well known that a newspaper publication is required in order to give legal validity to a name change affidavit by mitigating fraud and making such change known to others dealing with such individual. However, the procedure for Gazette notification is riddled with obscurities for most people. The prime reason for this may be attributed to the complex steps involved in getting a simple name change published in the Gazette of India.

Gazette name change sample is a one-stop solution for all your name change needs. Our Name change package gives you the option of Gazette application where every formality will be completed and handed over to you as a kit which you may easily send to the Dept. of Publications, New Delhi.

Let us examine some important questions which would guide you in publishing your name change in the Central Gazette.

Q1: Why should I notify my name change in Gazette?
Gazette Notification can be described as the final step in changing one’s name. Since it is published by the Government, it gives better legal validity to your name change. Many Governmental/Semi-Governmental institutions insist on producing a Gazette copy in order to change your name in their records. For example- UPSC, Income Tax department, UIDAI, Public Sector Banks.

Q2: Why State Gazette?
Though many states publish name changes in their own gazette, many among them publish notifications of government employees only; while private employees and others are given an endorsement stating their non-publishing.  Such endorsements may not be accepted by all governmental agencies for making changes in name.

Q3: Is Gazette notification mandatory for Passport?
No, the Passport Authority of India does not mandate Gazette notification as a prerequisite for changing one’s name in passport. It requires only Annexure E for one’s name change and one local newspaper publication in the place of ordinary residence of the applicant.

Q4: How to apply for Gazette notification?
The Central Gazette office is located at Civil Lines, New Delhi. Residents of Delhi may choose to physically present the required documents or to send it via speed post, like the rest of India.

Q5: What should be included in my Gazette Application?
The Gazette application shall include three individually drafted documents along with copies of affidavit, newspaper, photographs, demand draft and a compact disc containing the notification matter. The documents may be signed by applicant and witnesses before sending to the Gazette authorities.

Q6: How long will I have to wait to get my notification published?
It takes at least 2 months for a notification to get published. The period may be longer owing to various factors. It may be noted that the Gazette department is not fully computerized. Manual processing is one of the reasons for the longer duration coupled with a high backlog from all parts of the country.

Q7: Will I receive any acknowledgement from the department of Publication?
No, there will not be any written acknowledgement given. However, the office may be contacted over telephone to know the file number, which may be used for future reference.

Q8: Will I receive any communication from Gazette authorities on publication?
No, it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to go through the electronic copies of the gazette published on

Q9: Will I receive hard copies of the Gazette?
All applicants can download the soft copies of the gazette edition and get it printed before submitting before any authority.

Q10: How often is the Gazette updated?
The e-gazette website features a new edition every Saturday.

Q11: How to search if my name change is published?
Following is the method by which a name change may be tracked –

  1. Visit and click on ‘Search Gazette’ and select ‘Search ExtraOrdinary/Weekly Gazette’.
  2. In ‘select category’ click  ‘Weekly Gazette’.Select ‘Part IV’ in ‘Part and Section’ and proceed further by clicking on ‘standard report’. 
  3. Select the edition among the ones that appear.
  4. If your name is present in the edition, download the file as a pdf for your use.

Q12: I am a Central Government Employee. Is there any additional document that I need to submit?
Central Government Employees are also required to submit a ‘Deed for Change of name’ in accordance to the ministry of home affairs.

Q13: What are the things to be taken care of while sending the gazette application?

  • Ensure that the affidavit or annexure for name change is not older than one year. If so,you may need to create another affidavit for the purpose of Gazette notification.
  • Ensure that the newspaper advertisement contains father’s or husband’s name.
  • The proforma should be accompanied with a photocopy of the same.
  • All id proofs, photographs and affidavit copies shall be self-attested by the applicant.
  • The C.D proforma shall contain the old name typed in place of signature.
  • If there is a change in religion, or adoption of name/surname of another religion, there shall be an undertaking mentioning that, while the newspaper ad shall also mention the same. The charges for such an advertisement shall be different.
    If the above points are not complied with, it leads to untoward delay in publication where the applicant shall be required to submit the corrected versions. It may also be difficult to coordinate additional documents sent owing to the manual methods used in the governmental department of publication.

The LegalDesk Way

The easiest way out of the hassles would be to entrust the responsibility to experts! has a track record of simplifying gazette procedures for applicants throughout India.’s gazette package gives a kit containing all documents ready to be sent to the Gazette authorities.

All the applicant needs to do would be to get it signed and add copies of newspaper (the entire sheet in which the name change ad appears), photographs, id proofs and affidavit to the kit and send it to the department of publications, Delhi. saves your effort in finding a lawyer to draft the gazette documents. Our product called name change package includes an automated system which generates the required documents. We shall also arrange for burning of the C.D and procurement of the demand draft of requisite denominations. Visit today to avail our services for name change and gazette notification.

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  • ***Ashis Roy*** says: posted on 01 Mar, 2018

    Hi Saurabh,
    We do offer name change for gazette.
    Contact us: 080-46682600 our team of legal experts will help you with your query.

  • ***Saurabh Hans*** says: posted on 28 Feb, 2018

    Hi, I want my name change and already done newspapers formalities just want help from you is for gazette publication

  • ***Rohith*** says: posted on 19 Feb, 2018

    I need to change my Last name. Kindly help me with this.

  • ***shoba*** says: posted on 17 Jan, 2018

    my children have no incial and tgey add through gazette and change the religion hindu to christian from kerala. but now tgey join karnadaka university collage. after 2 week we got the gazette approval papers. the collage authorities not willing to add the changes. children studing 1st semester.they said already send details to university. we have to change sslc book from kerala then only they will change in collage. still they have no incial and religion old.any one help me in this matter.

  • ***Ashis Roy*** says: posted on 09 Oct, 2017

    Hi Harshit,
    We are ready to help you out with your query. Kindly get in touch with us

  • ***Harshit*** says: posted on 09 Oct, 2017

    I got letter from cbse RO Ajmer and they said to submit the copy of publication in government gazzete. So can pls help me in know the process

  • ***Ashis Roy*** says: posted on 25 Jul, 2017

    Hi Ms. Gayatri, You need to create an Affidavit on stamp paper, secondly, place an ad in a recognized Indian Daily newspaper, and submit it along with other requisite documents for the Gazette notification.
    To avail our name change package, click on the link and submit your details, or for more information, kindly get in touch with us @ 080-46682600.

  • ***Gayatri*** says: posted on 24 Jul, 2017

    Hello sir,,plz suggest me ,What is the process of changing the name

  • ***Poornima*** says: posted on 21 Jul, 2017

    Hi, thank you for reaching out to us. We are glad to help you in changing your name. One of our executives will call you soon. Meanwhile, please click this link and submit your details –

  • ***Mantosh*** says: posted on 21 Jul, 2017

    Hello I like to change my name for future purpose

  • ***Gangadhara thirumala*** says: posted on 30 Jun, 2017

    Mam change in telangana

  • ***Ashok Kumar*** says: posted on 25 Jun, 2017

    I want to change my name in all purpose.saidPlease let me know the charges for the said work. He wants to change in the Central Gazettes, as they belongs to Bihar and settled in Delhi. Please tell your charges for the same.

  • ***VIKRANT ANTHULIA*** says: posted on 17 Jun, 2017

    SIR , How much will it take to publish in gazette? it is almost 40 days since I have sent the application. No one there is picking up the phone.

  • ***AAGAM*** says: posted on 17 Jun, 2017

    sir ,
    Please suggest me the procedure to change my Biological father name as my mother got remarried and my step father is taking care of me , I am persuing my engineering 3 rd year and all my school and collage records are of my ex fathers name and I dont have any iDENTITY OROOF

  • ***Poornima*** says: posted on 14 Jun, 2017

    Hi Shishir, we would be glad to help you out in getting your client’s name changed legally. Our support team will contact you soon and provide you all the details.

  • ***Shishir Parikh*** says: posted on 09 Jun, 2017

    I have a client which want to change name. Please let me know the charges for the said work. He wants to change in the Central Gazettes, as they belongs to Rajasthan and settled in Gujarat. Please tell your charges for the same.

    Shishir Parikh

  • ***mohini chavan*** says: posted on 28 Apr, 2017

    Hi,i’m mohini,
    I’m married & housewife.i live in navi mumbai.
    in most cases change only middle name & last name after marriage but about me,i’m change full name after marriage in my all id’s but I don’t make Gazzate.
    I want to make Gazzate but the problem is I haven’t any proof i.e id,add & age of before marriage.
    so,how i make Gazzate?
    I heare about central gazzate & state gazzate.which gazzate is better for me in feature I.e central or state?

  • ***Are You Planning to Notify your Name Change in Gazette?*** says: posted on 30 Sep, 2016

    […] Applying for a name change notification in the Central Gazette and the subsequent waiting period can be a matter of anxiety for an applicant. It takes a bundle of documents which needs to be sent to the Department of Publications, Delhi, in order to apply for a gazette notification of name change. […]

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