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Name Change In India – 8 Reasons & The Procedure

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One could have plenty of reasons to opt for a change of name or none at all. Unless there is no intent of fraud, opting for a name change in India package is a fairly straightforward task, although, a few cases may prove to be particularly elaborate and time-consuming.

Reasons For Name Change In India

Most reasons to change a name arise out of a need to create a more certain identity. Following are the reasons for a name change in India in no particular order:


It is a custom in most Indian states for the wife to suffix the husband’s or husband’s family name as her surname. However, the practice of men taking over the woman’s name is becoming increasingly popular across the world. In any case, one has to register such changes, sooner the better.


When a wedlock is broken, some women tend to continue to have the husband’s identity in their name. – most women go back to their roots though, essentially having to go through the name change procedure all over again.

Also, a death of the spouse and remarriage are a case in point.

Dislike Current Name

As people grow older and their identities are formed, a particular sense of intrigue surrounds the name, particularly when the name is an uncommon one they dislike. Growing apart from the family or disowning the past are also contextual reasons.

Religious Reasons

Numerology which claims empirical wisdom from astronomy has inspired a gradual rise in the need for name change. It is not uncommon to find celebrities who add an extra letter in the hope of changing their fortunes.

Political Context

Aspiring politicians or politicians with greater aspirations are known to change their names to make a regional/emotional connect with the masses.

Change of Gender

When one decides to change the gender, it naturally calls for a change in name. Names could be changed to a feminine / masculine version or a new one altogether.

Identity Makeover

Reasons like a professional image, reformed ideology or converting to a different religion require one to change his / her name. For example, Ms. Meena who converts to Christianity changes her name to Tina, necessitating a name change registration.

Foreign Nationality

People with roots in different parts of the country have such needs. For example, Mr. Ram Joseph’s parents could be from two different countries. This gives him a chance to choose his nationality and thereby, a more country-specific name.

Procedure For Name Change In India

Simply stated, the procedure for Name Change in India involves three steps:

  1. Drafting a Name Change Affidavit
  2. Notify about the name change in a major newspaper
  3. Getting the documents published in the Gazette of India

Easy as it sounds, a person with no prior experience in such a procedure may find the process elaborate, time-consuming and sometimes, exorbitant.

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09 Nov, 17

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