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How To Pay Stamp Duty In Uttar Pradesh?

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What Is Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is the tax levied on certain documents that have some financial aspect in a transaction while executing them, such as deeds, instruments or documents. Citizens of the state of UP are required to pay stamp duty to the respective Central Government and Uttar Pradesh State Government (while executing wills, deeds, agreements, etc.). Basically, stamp duty is charged on the execution of deeds such as affidavits, wills, deeds, certificates, bonds, gifts, lease, adoption, etc. and once Stamp duty has been paid, the deed is said to be registered. We have already covered an article on how to make a gift deed in Uttar Pradesh.

To help calculate the value of stamp paper required, offers a stamp duty calculator which serves as a stamp duty guide that will calculate the stamp duty payable on the lease and rent of properties in UP or anywhere else in India. By using our ‘create a rental agreement document’ service, you can create your own personalized rental agreement.

Uttar Pradesh Stamp Act, 1899

Stamp Duty collected by the State is an important source of revenue. The Indian Stamp Act of 1889 was used as the State Stamp Act of Uttar Pradesh at the same time until it was amended by the State. Over the last century, there have been several changes, Rules and amendments made to the Indian Stamp (Uttar Pradesh Amendment) Act. Some of the most recent and significant amendments and changes to the Indian Stamp Act with respect to Uttar Pradesh have been the Uttar Pradesh Stamp (Amendment) Act in 1948 and 1952.

A notification issued in 2013 authorized the use of e-Stamping in the State of UP. This was followed by a notification issued in 2016 announcing the e-payment facility of stamp duty in the State to ease the process of property registration in Uttar Pradesh. In the same year, the UP Government also hiked registration and stamp duty charges for home buyers from 5% to 7% (an increase of 2%) in Noida and greater Noida (7% was the nominal charge for the rest of the State of UP). A rebate of  Rs 10,000 (on the 7%) is given if the property is transferred to a female owner. UP allowed the payment of stamp duty through net banking.

For marriage registration, couples with Aadhaar cards (linked to their respective mobile numbers) need not contact the sub-contracting office under the basis based registration system. This is being promoted as Aadhaar based Hindu Marriage Registration. The residency of either one of the spouses as stated on the Aadhaar card has to be within the territory of Uttar Pradesh. The cost for registration is Rs 10 per day from one month prior to the date of marriage and Rs 20 per month from the date of marriage.

Modes To Pay Stamp Duty In Uttar Pradesh

Stamp Duty can be bought and paid for in Uttar Pradesh in the following ways:

Sr. No Mode Availability
1 Traditional Stamp Paper Yes
2 e-Stamp Paper Yes
3 Franking Yes
4 Adhesive Stamps Yes
5 Notary Stamp Yes
6 Revenue Stamps Yes
7 Agreement Stamps Yes


NIC had developed Prerna in collaboration with the Stamps and Registration Department of Uttar Pradesh to facilitate the electronic delivery of all registration services, the collection of transfer duty, stamp duty and registration fees, registration of documents, encumbrance of certificates, certified copies, etc.

Stamp Duty Charges In Uttar Pradesh

Stamp papers have different stamp values and each type of document or deed has to be executed on a stamp paper of a stipulated value. This value is based on the type of deed or document, location (within the State of Uttar Pradesh) and/or value of the transaction/property, and must be stamped accurately to make the said document legally valid and enforceable in a court of law.

Sr. No. Type of Deed Stamp Duty Payable
1 Sale Deed 7%
2 Gift Rs 60-125
3 Lease Rs. 200
4 Will Rs. 200
5 General Power of Attorney Rs. 10-100
6 Special Power of Attorney Rs. 100
7 Conveyance Rs. 60-125
8 Notarial Act Rs. 10
9 Affidavit Rs. 10
10 Agreement Rs. 10
11 Adoption Rs. 100
12 Divorce Rs. 50
13 Bond Rs. 200

How Can LegalDesk Help? is your go-to solution provider for all your legal, administrative and registration needs. We have also introduced an API for stamp duty payment that can be used by companies and individuals alike, in UP or any other State in India. Make use of our document drafts such as affidavits, partnership agreements, rental agreements, wills, trust, adoption deeds, power of attorney, gifts, and several other documents as well. Require a service? Request one now.

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  • ***Sanjib Narayan Choudhary*** says: posted on 21 Feb, 2018

    How much stamp duty paid by applicant for issuance of bank
    Guarantee from bank

  • ***Sush*** says: posted on 21 Jan, 2018

    My mother sold a separate property held by her own name, I also sold a other property, now we want to take a New property in joint name, can my mother are eligible for 1% stamp duty

  • ***Poornima*** says: posted on 24 Jul, 2017

    Hi Ajay, you haven’t mentioned the location. The rates vary from state to state.
    Kindly refer to this article about making a gift deed – .
    You can create it on your own by clicking the ‘CREATE GIFT DEED’ button given at the end of that article.
    Once you enter all the details, you can make payment and then, it will be printed on stamp paper and delivered at your address.
    And once you get it, you will have to get it registered at the Sub-registrar office. Check this article about Registration of Gift Deed –

  • ***AJAY SINGH*** says: posted on 24 Jul, 2017

    My mother want to transfer her house to me by means of gift deed.How much amount should I have to pay?

  • ***Poornima*** says: posted on 10 Jul, 2017

    It also depends on the total deposit amount. You can calculate it on our Stamp Duty Calculator –

  • ***Durgesh Kumar Gupta*** says: posted on 10 Jul, 2017

    I want to make a rent agreement for 11 months.
    rent is Rs. 2,000 per month . Rent agreement is for the purpose of registration in GST.

    how much cost of stamp paper is required for this agreement.

  • ***Vijay Gupta*** says: posted on 30 Jun, 2017

    I want transfer my plot in noida UP
    to my daughter by way of gift deed.
    How much will be the stamp duty.
    Are there is any new rule are expected by new YOGI government.

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