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Newspaper Publication For Name Change

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Have you been planning to change your name? If you are over 18 years of age and planning to change your name in India, then you will have to follow these three essential steps-

  1. Create an Affidavit For Name Change
  2. Publish your name change ad in a regional newspaper
  3. Apply for Gazette notification


At first, you will have to draft an affidavit for name change, print it on Stamp paper of state recommended value and get it attested by a Notary Public. Hoping that you have already taken the first step, we would like to guide you on the second prime step, which is Newspaper Publication of your name change ad. Here’s how you do it.

Details To Include In Newspaper Publication

A name change ad in a newspaper usually contains all these details listed below:

  1. Old name of the applicant
  2. New name of the applicant
  3. Father’s/Husband’s name
  4. Age of the applicant
  5. Address
  6. Number of the Affidavit for name change created prior by the applicant
  7. Date on which the affidavit was made
  8. Name Of Notary who has attested the affidavit

Newspaper Publication Of Name Change Ads

The name change ad placed in newspapers is mostly one big sentence which contains all the details related to your change of name. So kindly make sure that nothing important is skipped in the ad. Also double check the spellings and numbers mentioned in the ad.

Given below are few samples of name change ads published in newspapers.Name change ad

Time to Apply for Gazette Publication

After placing a newspaper ad about your name change, the next big step you will have to follow is to send your affidavit, newspaper ad original copy along with several other things required for Gazette Publication. To know more about the Gazette notification procedure and things to enclose with your application, please go through our article on Name Change Procedure in India.

Name Change Process Made Easy With LegalDesk’s Aid

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Get Content For Newspaper Publication

If you are worried about what details to include in your name change ad in newspaper, then LegalDesk offers you the most easiest solution. All you have to do is click the button below and fill in your details. You will get a copy of what has to be published in an instant, plus it’s free of cost.

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