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Name Change Procedure In Andhra Pradesh

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Naming is no more a once in a lifetime affair – we live in a time where we can switch our names as and when our circumstances demand.

For men and women alike there can be many reasons to change one’s name. While men come forward to change their names mostly if their parents are divorced, for women, name change requirements may go unsaid (In spite of all the talk on emancipation!). Well intentioned as your motive maybe, it may not be the only reason for name change. It could be for change in religion or even could boil down to a certain hatred for a name. (Very sorry ‘Piscine/ing’ Patel couldn’t get one as opposed to explaining the meaning of Pi for the rest of his batchmates!) All the more reason for someone to offer a cleaner, straightforward answer to the looming question of “How to Change Your Name?”. Worry not, as we have you covered – the How’s, Where’s and When’s? – the answer for all three of which is right in front of you – LegalDesk!

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Procedure For Name Change In Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one among the few states in India having a government and law-certified set of rules and procedure for the process of Change of Name.

Step 1 – Draft An Affidavit

Drafting an Affidavit is the primary step for Change of Name procedure in all parts of the country as it ensures the identity of a person undergoing the name change procedure and offers legal validation through the attestation of an Oath administrator, Notary or a S.E.M Advocate. All the persons entitled to attest an Affidavit are to be made sure are appointed or recognised by the local government, without which your claim stands void from the beginning. An affidavit is, in accordance with the law, to be printed on a Stamp Paper of ₹ 10 denomination. They can be procured from your nearest Sub-registrar offices, banks or from government recognised stamp vendors. Help is never far away for those who seek it, for now you can procure your Stamp paper from us and also have the legally-verified affidavit printed on the same.

We, here at LegalDesk, offer to make affidavits depending on the cause driving you to change your name. To name a few –

  1. Affidavit for Change of Name
  2. Affidavit for Change of Name of a minor
  3. Affidavit for change of name of one and the same person (used when there are different names in different documents)
  4. Affidavit for Name Correction (used when there are spelling errors in name printed in different documents)
  5. Affidavit for Change of Name after Marriage
  6. Affidavit for change of name in the passport
  7. Affidavit for change of signature

If you already have your affidavit drafted, use our Print and delivery with Stamp paper service to get the same printed on a Stamp paper and delivered to your house.

Step 2 – Procuring The Police Station (P.S) Verification Certificate

This is a necessity that needs to be addressed and not to be ignored at any cost, as it has to be enclosed for the Certification Annexure 1 without which one cannot publish the name change in the Gazette. Present a letter to the house station officer explaining the need of a P.S Verification Certificate and get the form filled. Here is what you need to acquire a P.S Verification certificate –

  1. A letter to the station house officer, elaborating on the reason for the procurement of the certificate
  2. A copy of the Affidavit attested by a person certified to do so
  3. Government ID card – Ration Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, or PAN card
  4. 10th Grade marks sheet
  5. Engineering, Medicine or any other degree certificate
  6. 2 recent passport size photographs

Step 3 – Certification Of Annexure 1 By Andhra Pradesh Gazette

Unique in its own right, Andhra Pradesh Government has laid out its own rules regarding the procedure for Name Change, chief of which is the procurement of Annexure 1 from the District Magistrate (Deputy Commissioner) of the Tahsildar’ Office. It can also be obtained from private vendors certified to do the same. The Annexure 1 demands the enclosure of the following documents –

  1. 2 recent passport size photographs
  2. 2 independent Citizenship certificates issued by the Gazette Officer
  3. Personally sworn and signed affidavit attested by a notary elaborating on the reason for Name Change
  4. Educational Certificate from Grade 1 to Grade 10 attested by Gazetted Officer (For an illiterate person other proofs such as Ration card, Voters ID, electricity or water bill copy attested by Gazetted Officer)
  5. P.S Verification Certificate to ensure you haven’t been in conflict with the law for the past 5 years.
  6. A certificate by astrologer/numerologist if you are changing your name for the same reason

Step 3 – Submitting Annexure 1 and 2 to the Tahsildar’ Office

Once you have fulfilled the requirements of the Annexure 1, with the required documents, along with it, one must also attach an empty Annexure 2 and submit the same to the Tahsildar’s Office. The District Magistrate, after analysing the documents, will approve your application as he deems fit. This is when Annexure 2 comes into play as it is filled out by the District Magistrate and returned to the applicant.

Step 4 – Private Publication In The Gazette Through Annexure 2/3

Applicant will now send the rest of the documents mentioned above along with a filled proforma/application to the Commissioner of Government Printing Press for the publication of Name Change as a private Advertisement in the State Andhra Pradesh Gazette.

The publication of Change of Name in the Weekly Gazette costs ₹ 50, whereas for the Extraordinary Gazette it costs up to ₹ 375. This payment can either be made through a bank challan (issued by the Commissioner of Government Printing Press) or a Demand Draft (DD).

With the publication of the private advertisement of Change of Name in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, the procedure for Name Change concludes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Change your Name if you are a minor applicant?

As accorded by the “GO (P) No. 332 General Administration (General .C) Dept. dated 06/06/1983”, a parent or a guardian can apply for the Change of Name of the applicant. Here instead of Annexure, Annexure 3 is used.

Q2. How to Change your Name if you are a Government Servant?

As accorded by the “GO (P) No. 182 General Administration (General .C) Dept. dated 24/04/1985, the Government servant, either it is for marriage or any other cause, need not apply for the certification of Annexure 2 from the District Magistrate. In its place he/she must execute a deed in the form of Annexure 4 on a non-Judicial Stamp Paper of denomination ₹ 5, and have the same attested in the presence of two witnesses who must further sign the application (It is preferable that the witnesses are among the employees of the Head of the Office that the Government service is working). Have the same deed published in a local Andhra Pradesh newspaper as well as in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette to conclude the process of Name Change of a Government Servant.’s Name Change Package will help you in getting your name changed. We help you throughout the process, starting from creating an affidavit to notifying your name in the Gazette.

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