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Kerala – Name Change Procedure

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Religion, Numerology or mere likeability can be one of the many reasons why you would want to change your name. Learn the How’s and What’s surrounding the procedure of Name Change in Kerala from

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Name Change In 3 Simple Steps

What could consume a good amount of your working time can now be completed sitting at your desk, with an internet connection. With provisions like online payment and home delivery, we offer a hassle-free procedure for changing your name. Despite the lack of an act or law governing the procedure surrounding the subject of naming and renaming, the Kerala Gazette has laid clear rules.

Name change through the local State Gazette offers you other benefits as primarily it is a simplified procedure compared to the Central Gazette. You will have to publish an ad in your local newspaper wherein a national publication is not required.

  1. Create an Affidavit citing your name and details like father/husband’s name, date of birth, age and present address, along with the reason for Change of name. Get it attested by a Notary Public / Oath Commissioner / S.E.M Advocate.
  2. Publish your Name Change ad in a regional newspaper.
  3. Publish a private ad in the Kerala Gazette.

How To Create An Affidavit?

An Affidavit is a written statement which serves as an oath or affirmation for the sake of serving as an evidence in a court of law or to merely ensure the identity of the deponent (person creating the Affidavit).

While many states expect you to mention the reason for Change of Name, it is not mandatory to do so. Depending on the purpose, an Affidavit is categorised and drafted in the manner best suited. Like for example, if you’re Changing your name due to change in marital status, one is expected to either attach your marriage registration copy or divorce papers, based on the reason. Here are some other examples of Name Change Affidavits. You may redirect to the page that offers lawyer-drafted and verified templates for creation of an Affidavit of your choice.

  1. Affidavit For Change Of Name
  2. Affidavit For Change Of Name After Marriage
  3. Affidavit For Change Of Name Of A Minor
  4. Affidavit For Change Of Name In Passport (Annexure E)
  5. Affidavit For Name Of One And The Same Person
  6. Affidavit For Name Correction
  7. Affidavit For Change Of Signature

By clicking the button at the end of this article, you can request for customized affidavit/document as per your requirement. Leave us a note and we will get back to you at the earliest. Online payment for the draft will also cover charges on Stamp Duty which is ₹ 10 as stated in the Kerala Stamp Act, 1959., a user-friendly portal, will leave you with little doubt. Going forward, you will have to post an ad on Name Change in one Regional and National newspaper.

Newspaper Ad Publication

Newspaper Ad publication is a necessary formality in the process for Name Change as it serves the purpose of an announcement. It is done to make the change public, i.e., for it to exist in the public domain for the ensurance of its authenticity as well as letting the general public know.

A newspaper ad of name change need not exceed more than 50 words. It typically includes the old name, the new name, age, present/permanent address, and the name of the Notary who attested your affidavit along with the date of its execution. Here is a model of how a Newspaper ad should be drafted.

I Mr/Ms/Mrs. ______(old name), ________(father/husband’s name), ______(age), have changed my name and will henceforth be known as _______(new name), vide affidavit sworn in the presence of ______(name of Oath administrator / Notary Public / S.E.M Advocate), dated DD/MM/YYYY. Address – _______

Gazette Name Change Publication

Kerala Gazette has recommended certain formats for ad publication of all types of Name Change, these can be followed by referring to the Kerala Gazette website. Again, the format varies with change in reason for Name Change, be it marriage, for a minor, for change in religious affiliations, name correction or change in signature.

Appeal to the Kerala Gazette Office and procure a proforma to request for Gazette’ private ad publication. Though private ad publication is not mandatory, it is nonetheless recommended for the purpose of showing it as proof in banks while acquiring subsidies or for changing names in other Government ID cards.

Documents required for Private ad publication in the Kerala Gazette –

  1. Photocopies of ID proofs – Passport, PAN card, Aadhar Card, Voter’s Identity Card, or Driving License
  2. 2 recent passport sized photographs
  3. Duly attested Affidavit
  4. An original copy of the newspaper ad publication
  5. Photocopy of the Birth Certificate if the deponent is a minor
  6. Photocopy of Educational Certificate

The form that is to be procured from the aforementioned Gazette Office costs you a minimal ₹ 5. Apart from the provision to collect the form in person, it can also be procured by writing a letter to the Government Printing Press through a self-attested and stamped envelope. Within 45 to 60 days from the date of submission of the proforma, the ad will be published in the Gazette which should mark as the closure of your Name Change process.

Here are the costs for publication of Private Advertisements in the Kerala Gazette –

Sl. No. Nature of the Document Cost of Private Ad Publication
1. Change of Name ₹ 1,500
2. Change of Signature ₹ 2,142
3. Change of Religion ₹ 1,286

Commence Your Name Change Procedure NOW!

With the help of now you can procure Stamp Papers at home, pay Stamp Duties from home, draft Affidavits as well as publish newspaper ads – all of this sitting at your desk. Before, leaving this page, be sure to have a look at all our legal documents available on our site which lets you draft your own document. Here’s hoping you’ll be a recurring customer, prodding us on to not just give legal documents, but create more in the bargain.

27 Jul, 16

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  • ***Anil*** says: posted on 27 Feb, 2018

    I am a government employee. Can i change my name
    Please reply

  • ***Amna*** says: posted on 23 Jan, 2018

    I have changed my name after marriage legally. Now I want to
    Change it back to my original name. Is it possible ?

  • ***Aswathy*** says: posted on 10 Jan, 2018

    pls son’s name is Deva Prayaag .p but i want to change initial A ..pls rply soon

  • ***Poornima*** says: posted on 20 Jul, 2017

    Mathew, you can opt for Central Gazette publication. To avail our name change package for the same please follow the link –

  • ***Poornima*** says: posted on 20 Jul, 2017

    A person can change name only once and it should be published in the Gazette. Please follow the link for name change packages that we offer –

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  • ***Suhaib*** says: posted on 29 Jun, 2017

    Dear sir,
    This is Suhaib, I got married in 2013. and in our marriage certificate there is spelling mistake in wife name ( only one letter). The spelling is same in both passport and marriage certificate. but all other document such as aadhar, school certificate etc is different(This is the correct name).
    Now how can I correct the spelling of name in both Marriage certificate and passport.
    Could you please suggest how can I make the changes?

  • ***Ammu*** says: posted on 13 May, 2017

    How many times can a person change name ?

  • ***mathew ligin*** says: posted on 17 Mar, 2017

    please suggest me some way to clear out this things????

  • ***mathew ligin*** says: posted on 17 Mar, 2017

    i was born in kerala ….but i’m setteled in bombay i don’t have any identity proof of kerala i have all my identity proof in bombay address including passport…so i can’t publish in kerala gazzette because i dont have any address of kerala for the name change in birth certificate … what can i do now?????

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