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How to Change Your Name Legally?

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*Note:Affidavit printing services on stamp paper are available only in select states, but you can download the soft copy and print it yourself. does not provide notarization services.

Name Change

name change package

When you come to think about it, you seem to wonder ‘What’s in a Name’? Usually names are used to identify a person, an object or category or class of things.

But, a name carries a more personal aspect to your person than simply creating a sense of identity.

A name gives you a sense of pride and recognition and it’s what helps you stand out from the crowd.

There are several people that consider a change in their name based on how easy people are able to remember their names or whether they honestly like their names.

Some change their names due to the genuine reason that their name does not remotely associate themselves with them.

For instance, Chintu Sharma’s name would seem quite contrary to the physical attributes of a tall man and a person with personal traits that do not exemplify the name and the person.

chintu sharma

Also, name changes could be as simple as adding or removing a letter from your name which would have crept into your birth certificate, or school certificates.

In time, you would require a Name Change in order to rectify the mistakes made or to ensure that these mistakes do not persist in future legal documents.

There are several that wish to change their names but are held back due to a lack of knowledge on legality or a busy work life. Also, people are unsure of the legal procedures and misconceptions of cost and legal documentation.

What is LegalDesk’s Name Change Package?

With LegalDesk’s host of legal documentation solutions, you can solve all your legal problems with our simple and easy Do-It-Yourself tools.

Also, you can work on how to get that perfect name with our name change package solution. All you have to do is complete these 3 steps:

  1. Create Name Change Affidavit
  2. Newspaper Publication
  3. Gazette Notification

Name Change Step-by-Step Guide

To create your name change, you must ensure that you submit a detailed affidavit and then subsequently produce a newspaper and gazette notification.


The first step in your name change legal documentation process is drafting an affidavit. Usually, an affidavit is a document that serves as a form of declaration.

This is a document which is sworn by an individual before an authority that will administer the oath.

When it comes to affidavits for name change in India, they will have to be printed on a Stamp Paper that has a value of Rs. 20. This is attested by the Magistrate or Notary.

You can find the required affidavit at and opt between purchasing a soft copy or making a hard copy on Stamp Paper that can be delivered to an address of your choice.

Once you receive your affidavit, you should make a valid attestation at a Notary at your city. You can choose to print a newspaper and gazette notification or allow LegalDesk to help complete the process.

Newspaper Notifications

The first level of getting your publication notified is through the publication of newspaper notifications in order to make the name change known to the public.

In this manner, the newspaper notification contains a brief statement which contains the old and the new name. This showcases whether your date of birth and father’s name for better identification of persons.

If you’re 18 years and above then you plan on changing your name with just three simple steps:

  1. Create an Affidavit For Name Change
  2. Publish your name change ad in a regional newspaper
  3. Apply for Gazette notification

Details To Include In Newspaper Publication

A name change ad in a newspaper usually contains all these details listed below:

  1. Old name of the applicant
  2. New name of the applicant
  3. Father’s/Husband’s name
  4. Age of the applicant
  5. Address
  6. Number of the Affidavit for name change created prior by the applicant
  7. Date on which the affidavit was made
  8. Name Of Notary who has attested the affidavit

Gazette Notification

Finally, you can complete a name change by using a Gazette Notifications through several documents like the Driver’s license, PAN Card, Voter’s ID and several other options like Public service commissions and public sector banks that do not list these Gazette notifications and the application of several new names.

Hence, this is safe through Gazette notifications where applicants have applied for new names in their respective states at Public Service Commissions and Public Sector Banks.

Here, applicants can apply with their driver’s license, PAN Card, Voters’ ID and several others that can be changed without notification in Gazettes.

Since each states has their own Gazette, it caters to the requirements of citizens that reside in their respective states only. With, you can assist with the publication of notifications in Central Gazettes located in Delhi.

Since Gazette publication is recommended for everyone, it is rarely practiced by non-Government employees.

For Govt. servants, this includes the compulsory step that increases demand for Gazette publications for everyone while changing your name, especially in KYC forms and other similar documents.

You can consider this by ensuring that the name change procedure in India enables publishing in your State Gazette with the requisite fee.

Here, you have to submit the application with documents like your Proforma, the newspaper with the ad highlights, affidavit prepared initially and attested passport size photos.

The last step is to ensure that there are local copies of the Gazette Publication wherein your ad appears within a fortnight to get copies.

Procedure For Publication In Central Gazette

Citizens change that decide to choose their names should submit these documents to the Department of Publication:

  1. Request letter
  2. Affidavit
  3. Proforma notification
  4. Verification Certificate
  5. C.D format

Using, Name Change Package, you can ensure that LegalDesk allows you to draft and send the authorities newspaper notifications, passport sized photographs, self attested ID proof copies and the requisite fees through the Demand Draft that can be paid in Delhi.

Name Change Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between Amending and Declaring?

When a name correction is notified in the Central Gazette, it will be mentioned that the person’s name has been mentioned wrongly in a particular document and it may be amended accordingly.

The correct spelling of the name is also mentioned; while in a ‘one and the same person’ affidavit is notified, it is declared that both names are of the same person. In this case, there is no mention of the correct spelling of the name.

Why is a Newspaper Notification Needed?

The next step after creating an affidavit is the publication of newspaper notification. The purpose is to ensure transparency and to prevent fraudulent name changes, for instance, in order to avoid payments to banks etc. can assist you in every step of your name correction. We can help you get your name correction notified right in your city.

It is always safe to notify in one national and one local newspaper as stipulated by the passport authorities.

Is Gazette Notification Required?

Once the affidavit and newspaper ad is in place, it can be considered whether to go for gazette notification or not. It depends upon the individual requirement.

While most authorities accept affidavits and newspaper copies for name correction, some insist on gazette notification.

UPSC and most banks insist on gazette notification in order to amend their records.

Legaldesk’s name change package will help you in changing/correcting your name which also includes gazette notification.

Is it Legally Valid?

When technology has been incorporated into so many facets of our everyday life, especially for proof of identity, it is important to note that any change in a person’s identity should be legally done.

Our names are furnished on several important documents, such as PAN, Bank accounts, marksheet, Aadhaar card, birth certificate and so on, of record that serve the purpose of identity verification.

Before making any change to these records with respect to name change, it is essential that your identity is legally verified and changed by a party or office appointed by the Center/State.

People who resort to identity theft, credit-card fraud, illegal signatures, spies or terrorists, credit evasion etc. would use the guise of a different name to conduct their criminal associations.

A name change should thus be done legally to certify that the new name of an individual is their permanent name stored on record for all purposes.

The process of doing it legally ensures accountability and transparency for your identification or verification.

Once the affidavit for change of name after marriage is prepared at, execute the following steps:

  • Print the prepared affidavit on non-judicial e-Stamp of recommended value.
  • Place your signature at the bottom of the page.
  • Affix a passport size photo of yourself on the page.
  • Get the document notarized and sealed by a notary.

Once these steps are carried out, your name is considered to be officially and legally changed. Use this affidavit to ensure that you have valid proof to enable a name change.

To make the name change legally valid, the affidavit needs to be printed on a Stamp paper of requisite value according to the respective state’s Stamp Act.

It is signed by the deponent and then attested by either a Notary Public or a Magistrate.

Name Change After Marriage

Use Affidavits to change the intended woman that wishes to take her husband’s family name.

You can avail a change of name by ensuring that the general affidavit that is used by individuals allows people to change their names.

This change in name could be based on astrological methods or related types that seems fit.

People usually change their surnames which includes their last name. This is reason why women change either their first and last names.

This can be done by changing their name with an affidavit for change of name and printing it on Stamp Paper and getting it notarised.

Methods of Using Affidavits for Name Change After Marriage

Simply prepare affidavits for change of name after marriage within a matter of minutes. There are several pre-drafted versions of this affidavit and this can be done through printing all the related details.

Once there is a change in name after marriage, follow these steps:

  • Follow these instructions based on navigation and complete this affidavit within 2 minutes on the
  • The document requires to be notarised with the Magistrate.
  • The Affidavit needs to be printed on the Stamp Paper value and this requires to be attested and sealed by the Notary.

In case of an Indian living abroad, the person shall submit an affidavit duly attested by the respective Indian Embassy/ Indian High Commission.

The most crucial phase is in the process of changing names and once the affidavit has been notarized.

The next best step allows you to immediately publish the change in name on two local newspapers:

  • One classified should be on a daily newspaper in the local official language of the state.
  • The second classified should be published in a local English newspaper.

You can make use of our service to avail Newspaper Publication service for your name change or you may opt for a complete Name Change Package.

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