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Name Change In Gazette: Follow Up And Common Mistakes

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Applying for a name change notification in the local Gazette and the subsequent waiting period can be a matter of anxiety for an applicant. It takes a bundle of documents which needs to be sent to the Department of Publications, Delhi, in order to apply for a gazette notification of name change.

To summarise, it contains a few drafted applications, certificate, photographs and proforma of notification matter along with copies of the name change affidavit (or name correction affidavit or one and the same person affidavit), newspaper and an ID proof. After sending the complete set with a C.D proforma and the requisite fees in the form of a demand draft, there can approximately be a waiting period of nearly two months until your name change is notified in the Gazette of India. This period may be more or less based on various circumstances including the bulk of pending requests from all around the country.  

How to check if my Name Change Notification has been published?

Following is the way to check if your name change has been notified.

  1. Visit E-Gazette or electronic Gazette is the new age system of electronically publishing gazette entries which may be downloaded and printed by users, only if necessary.
  2. On the first page, find the option called ‘Search Gazette’.
  3. When you click on ‘Search Gazette’  three options appear. Click the second option ‘Search ExtraOrdinary/Weekly Gazette’.
  4. A new page shall open which says ‘Select Category’. Click on ‘Weekly Gazette’ in the dropdown.
  5. In the second window, there shall be an option called ‘Part and Section’. After clicking on it, select ‘Part IV’ which is the second last option’.
  6. Part IV is the section of Gazette which publishes announcements by individual citizens.
  7. After that, proceed further by clicking on ‘Standard Report’.
  8. You will be able to see the list of gazette issues starting from the latest issue as pdf files.
  9. Click on the pdf icon on the right side of an issue to download it.
  10. Press Ctrl+F to search your name after selecting an issue.

What are the common mistakes that should be avoided to ensure timely publication?

  • Missing of Father’s or Husband’s Name in the Newspaper Advertisement

The newspaper notification should include the complete identity of the applicant including the names of the father or husband as the case may be. So, ensure that these details are given in your newspaper ad. If you already have an ad in which it is not mentioned, please waste no time in giving another newspaper notification of name change. If ever you happen to send an incomplete advertisement, the gazette authorities will get in touch with you in order to bring it into your notice or wait until you contact them. This can be immensely time-consuming and it can delay the publication by months. Even if you get another advertisement published and send it to the Gazette authorities, the manual way of working can lead to excessive delays in them matching it with the right file in time and publishing.

  • Incorrect Details In The Demand Draft

(i) Wrong amount mentioned in D.D

The demand draft through which the payment for the publication is done should be of requisite value. Care must be taken to ensure that the latest and updated fees are paid. For instance, the present tariff for publication valid till March 2017 is Rs 1100/- for Indian citizens who have attained the age of majority. However, many online sources continue to mention the previous tariff.

When an application is underpaid, it is not published until the applicant is told about the same and the additional amount is paid through another demand draft. As mentioned earlier, it is indeed difficult to coordinate additional payments just as it is tough with additional documents. Once sent, it may take weeks or months to sort out the issue.

(ii) Wrong name mentioned in D.D

The demand draft must be addressed to “The Controller of Publications” and payable at Delhi.

(iii) Wrong fees for the wrong type of publication

It has to be made clear that a publication for name change in gazette is not the same as a publication for ‘one and the same person’ or ‘name correction’. The last two mentioned are considered to be public notices and not name change, and requisite fees should be paid for a particular type of publication.

Let us elaborate: when a person changes his name into something else, it is called a name change. But when his name is printed differently in another document for no fault of his, he merely makes an announcement vide an affidavit and newspaper/gazette notifications. Such announcements may also include factors like date of birth clarification or any other matter.
Please bear in mind that public announcements constitute of another section altogether for which the tariffs are different. Further, name changes of major and minor individuals are different. Please ensure that such details are not mixed up at any cost in order to avoid delay in publication.

  • Submitting An Outdated Affidavit

An affidavit copy should not be older than one year for a notification to be published in the gazette. If you send a copy of an older affidavit, you will be required to swear another affidavit and send the copy and thereby leading

  • Not Including Full Sheet Of Newspaper

The newspaper copy to be sent needs to be intact with the full sheet in which the advertisement appears. Therefore, it would be a wrong practice to cut out the particular advertisement before sending. It is permissible to mark around the advertisement to make it highlighted. Further, It is not necessary to include all the sheets of the newspaper. If the advertisement appears in a double sheet of a newspaper, the other half may be removed before sending.

  • Not Signing On The Proforma Or Missing Witnesses’ Signatures

The proforma notification should be duly signed and attested by two witnesses with contact information mentioned. It should be signed in the old name and not the new name.

while the C.D proforma should contain the old name typed in place of signature. Care must be taken to include another photocopy of the completed proforma while sending.

  • Not Attesting The Photographs

Two passport sized photographs of the applicant need to be included and they need to be self-attested in the front and marked as true copy in the rear.

What am I supposed to do if I don’t find my name change publication in the Gazette list?

If you are unable to find your name in the list even after a couple of months, you may contact the Department of Publications on the following telephone lines: 011-23817823, 011-23819689. Gets It Done For You

It is a fact that applying for a name change gazette notification is no cakewalk. There are numerous hurdles that need to be cleared before sealing the documents for dispatching to Delhi. Please refer to LegalDesk’s article on Name Change Gazette Application to understand the procedure better. We have not only helped people from different states change their names legally but also assisted them in getting their name change ad notified in the gazette in the past.’s Name Change Package enables you to receive a ready to send kit which only needs to be signed and witness-attested before sending to the gazette. All requirements including the C.D and D.D shall be complied with. Our experts shall leave no room for worry. Why panic when we are here in the arena to have your back? Choose’s Name Change Package today.

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