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A Guide To Legally Change Your Name In Maharashtra

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If you’re reading this, there is little doubt you contemplated changing your name but never inclined to do so considering the enormous baggage it brings with it. It might indeed seem like a baggage, if you haven’t consulted us yet!

Name changing process carries with it a chain of social, legal and personal consequences. Although India is a land with enormous diversity, it has only lately embraced modernization to an extent where there can be far ranging instances among all the communities where one would want to change names for the cause of change in caste, religion, marriage, divorce (sometimes, it may not be just the spouse, but the children too) or could even stem from developing a certain fancy to a new name.


If you’re sure to stick to the new name you have chosen for yourself, rest assured you can relax as LegalDesk provides you with pre-drafted legally valid Affidavits and helps you out with the Gazette Publication.

Steps To Change Your Name In Mumbai

  1. Create an Affidavit for Name Change and self-attest it or get it Notarized.
  2. Post a name change ad at least in one of the newspaper dailies.
  3. Apply for Gazette Notification, if required (most recommended).

Everything You Need To Prepare A Name Change Affidavit

An Affidavit is a “statement in writing purporting to be a statement of facts, signed by the person making it and confirmed by him/her on oath, before a person with authority to administer oath such as an Advocate S.E.M., Executive and Judicial Magistrate, Oaths Commissioner or Notary Public”. The affidavit for change of name is therefore a document of swearing or affirmation, which confirms your identity, both former and the one that you wish to make a transition to.

The Affidavit can be attested by an Advocate S.E.M., an Executive and Judicial Magistrate, Oaths Commissioner or a Notary Public. For Change Of Name in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur or anywhere in Maharashtra, one has to get the draft printed on a Stamp paper of suitable denomination, which is Rs. 20 in the State Of Maharashtra. The value of the Stamp paper is the same all over Maharashtra and one has to be cautious enough to buy the Stamp Paper of the right denomination.

There are many kinds of affidavits and among the ones used for Change Of Name some of them are for the cause of ‘Change of Name after Marriage’, ‘Change of Name after Divorce’ and so on. Different categories of Change Of Name Affidavits require you to carry different documents. Here are some of the specifications:

Change Of Name Affidavit

  • It requires you to fill your previous/maiden name, new name, current address.
  • Reason for Change of Name, and age.

Affidavit for Change Of Name after marriage

  • Affix a joint photograph of the Deponent and their spouse
  • Date and place of marriage
  • A copy of marriage certificate registered at a Sub-Registrar Office.

 Affidavit for Change Of Name of minor

  • Affidavit to be presented from the side of the Guardian.
  • Specify if parents have been divorced and the residential address of the same.
  • In the event where the parent is living abroad, he/she will submit duly attested by the respective Indian Embassy/Indian High Commission in original to this Department.

 Affidavit for one and the same person

  • This Affidavit is used when a person’s name has changed in different documents due to errors.
  • Documents in which the change has occurred.  

 Annexure E Affidavit for passport

Posting Name Change Ad In Newspaper

Posting an ad for the newspaper is a formality that is prescribed in the process of Changing one’s Name. In order to indicate the name change and present it in the public domain, one should post the ad in both a regional and a national daily. Publication of Change Of Name ad is something we assist you with as a part of the whole Name Change Package.

The following points must go into a Name Change ad,

  1. Old Name
  2. New Name
  3. Parents’/Husband’s Name
  4. Address
  5. Date of the day the Affidavit was made
  6. Name of the Notary/Advocate who attested the Affidavit

Gazette Notification

The final process in changing your name is the Gazette notification which now is only a few clicks away. Gazette Notification is done both at the State and National level. Those employed by the government can have their name changed by submitting the required documents to The Controller Of Publications, Delhi. To avail the service of Change Of Name from the Central Gazette’s Office, visit our page on Name Change Package. Otherwise, if you are a resident of Maharashtra, the whole process has been digitized and there is no necessity for one to stand in long queues in a Government’ Gazette Office.

Gazette Notification is a very crucial step in the process of name change as without it one cannot change names in the various Identity proofs like Aadhar Card, Voter’s ID, Driving Licence, PAN Card, Ration Card and so on.

Here are the documents required for the notification of E-Gazette:

  • For Change Of Name after marriage:
    1. ID Proof: PAN Card, Driving Licence, Aadhar Card, Passport, or Election Card with old name.
    2. Address Proof: Ration Card, Aadhar Card or Electricity Bill.
    3. 1 recent passport sized photograph.
    4. A copy of Marriage Certificate.
  • For Change Of Name after Divorce
    1. ID Proof
    2. Address Proof
    3. 1 recent passport sized photograph
    4. Divorce papers

All these documents are required to be scanned for they are to be uploaded in the Maharashtra e-Gazette notification website. Once you create your own account in the website and are done filling the application form, you are supposed to upload the required documents for the same.

While one can check the publication of your application/e-Gazette on the Maharashtra Government’ e-Gazette website, you can also view the hard copy of the Gazette publication which mostly comes out once in three or four months.

Start Your Name Change Process Now!

Prepare your Affidavit for Name Change right away through our website and get the Affidavit ready to be presented to the department delivered to your doorstep. Once attested you can come back to our portal to publish the Newspaper ad both in a National and Regional Daily.

You can avail the whole package that we provide for Name Change for the Central and the Regional, which in this case is Maharashtra by clicking the button below.

04 May, 16

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  • ***Jenifer*** says: posted on 17 Jul, 2017

    Hello sir
    I have changed my name in official gazzett in the year 2003. I submitted the copy to my society they changed allthe name as per gazzett now the Society asking me for notorise affidavit to be submitted or they again change to. Old name. Pls help as I feel. Tht gazzett copy is final record in the year 2003. There was no such rule. Of submitting affidavit again. Pls mail me sir if u know the correct way out. Thanks

  • ***N C Sharma*** says: posted on 14 Jul, 2017

    I am resident of Maharashtra. I want to change my name from NagendraKumar Chamoli Sharma to Nagendra Chamoli Sharma.

    In all my Education documents and Passport my name appears as Nagendrakumar Chamoli Sharma but in my Pan Card, Ration Card, Adhaar Card my name is Nagendra Chamoli Sharma.

    I want to change my name in the Passport as Nagendra Chamoli Sharma.

    Kindly let know the time required and charges for the same.

    Looking forward to your response.


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