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Name Change Procedure In Tamil Nadu

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Naming a person always evokes elaborate gatherings of distant relatives with many rituals, pomp and grandeur. Though the specifics may vary, Indians, wherever you go and however different their customs may be, one thing never changes, their indiscriminate attachment to extravagance. If name giving can be welcomed with such festivities and celebration, name change might bring a frown upon your face. Let us change that for you. We, at have a pre-drafted set of legal documents to help you with the required affidavits, publish Name Change ads for newspapers, and State/National Gazettes online.


Changing Name Is Easy – Covered In 2-Simple Steps

With our portal, Name Changing can indeed be very easy. It only requires you to follow these steps –

  1. Publish an ad in a regional and a national daily, declaring the changing of your name, sworn under the name of the attestor.
  2. The final step in the process of Change of Name is the publication of your new name with the details of your previous identity in your local State Gazetteer, in this case, the Tamil Nadu Gazette.

All this, indeed won’t take you any more than a few minutes through our website, however, the publication of one’s name in a Gazette is what one has to wait for. Though it is not mandatory to publish in the Gazette while changing one’s name, it is nevertheless recommended. Without it, chances are you will have to encounter trouble with banks, for Aadhar validation or even while acquiring an LPG subsidy, passport, etc.

Affidavit For Name Change

There are as many affidavits for Name Change as there are reasons for Name Change. An affidavit is usually drafted to explicitly acknowledge your intentions and reasons for doing what you are, which is why the affidavits can vary in their templates. Here are a few examples of the name change affidavits we create.

  1. Affidavit For Name Change
  2. Affidavit For Change Of Name After Marriage
  3. Affidavit For Change Of Name Of A Minor
  4. Affidavit For Change Of Signature
  5. Annexure E Affidavit For Passport
  6. Affidavit For One And The Same Person
  7. Affidavit For Change Of Name After Change Of Religion
  8. Affidavit For Change Of Name After Divorce

All this and more! Contact and tell us if your reason for Change Of Name is any different from the ones mentioned above and our Support Team will be able to guide you on how to go about it. Affidavits in Tamil Nadu are printed on Stamp Papers before attestation and the duty payable for the same is Rs. 100/-.

One should also remember that we change names for those residing outside of Tamil Nadu and wanting to publish in the Tamil Nadu Gazette. (additional charges apply)

However, it is important to note that this process is not universal for the entirety of Tamil Nadu residents. There is a special provision for the Tamil Nadu Government Servants, for whom instead of the Affidavit, a Name Changing Deed form is to be procured. After which the deponent has to publish the Change Of Name in the Tamil Nadu Gazette. Once the Change Of Name is notified, the new name shall be recorded by the Government concerning the administrative department. After the issue of such an order, a copy of that record shall be sent to the Accountant General/Pay and Accounts Officer and a copy of the same shall be added to his/her service report of the Government Employees.

In the instance where a female Government employee has to Change her Name for reasons of changing the maiden name to husband’s surname or deletion/reversal of the same after divorce, the change can be brought about by an intimation made to the appointing authority.

Publication Of A Newspaper Ad

Name Change ad is usually published in a newspaper to declare the same to the rest, i.e., to add it to the public domain where everyone can see. This is a necessary part of the process while changing your name through the Central Gazette. Although the Pro Forma issued by the Tamil Nadu Gazette doesn’t bid you to attach a copy of the ad published in the local and national newspaper, we urge to do the same as it is followed in many places in India.

Tamil Nadu Gazette Publication

The Stationery and Printing Department of Tamil Nadu hands out the Pro Forma/application free of cost, which can be procured from the Public Information Officer/Appellate Authority appointed in the Stationery and Printing Department. On request from the public, the Gazette is published notifying on Change Of Name, Change Of Religion, and so on in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette. For the purpose of sending you a copy of the Gazette, the State charges, Rs. 415/- However, fee for Change of Name is Rs. 50/-.

The Pro Forma can be acquired from The Assistant Director (Publication), Directorate of Stationery and Printing, 110, Anna Salai, Chennai – 600 002 through post or in person.

Here are the documents that one is expected to enlist along with the Pro Forma –

  1. For those who are born outside the state of Tamil Nadu

Duly certified copy of the Ration Card/Passport/Voter Identity Card/Residential Certificate from Tahsildar shall be enclosed.

  1.   Change of Name, Initial due to adoption

Certified copy of registered adoption deed to be enclosed.

  1.   Change of Name due to divorce

Certified Judgement copy to be enclosed.

  1.   For Change of Name due to religion

The original religious conversion/ reconversion certificate issued by the Religious Authority.

Apart from these specifics, the documents that are supposed to be attached are-

  • Affidavit for name change
  • A copy of the Newspaper ad
  • Birth/educational certificate. (Those who do not have a copy of the certificate should enclose a copy of the certificate issued by a Doctor working in any of the Govt. Hospital, as a proof of age.
  • Residential Proof copy of ration card/Voter Identity/Passport.

The Gazette Publication can be acquired by post or in person. If opted by post, five copies of the post is sent within 6 months, otherwise if opted to acquire the same in person one has to procure the copy of Gazette within five days of submitting the Proforma.

This is the procedure usually followed for the purpose of Change Of Name in Tamil Nadu. For the lack of neatly laid out rules and regulation concerning the change of names in each state, the procedure followed by the Central Gazette is followed. Creating your Affidavit is now only a few clicks away. Start drafting your Affidavit now by clicking the ‘Create Document’ button below.

17 May, 16

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