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Name Change Procedure In Uttar Pradesh

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Changing your name might seem like a lengthy affair, given how many documents that would solicit the rectification of spelling or a surname. We, at, with our user-friendly, do-it-yourself portal ensure that you don’t have to give up on your very own quest to bring changes to your name. After all, it is your name and the impediments that ‘rules’ in its way shouldn’t deter you from claiming the right of determining your identity. The difference between the traditional way of the name change procedure to the one we offer is the unfairness of the former, as now you can sit at your home and change your name by availing our service. To know how, just read on.

name change procedure

Name Change Procedure

The state legislature nowhere clearly labeled either in the Birth and Death Act nor is there a general protocol followed except what is understandably a ‘Central’ Name Change procedure, but differing authorities that oversee the procedure.

To summarize the process, we have covered it in these steps –

  1. Create a name change Affidavit – Affidavit is an instrument used for recording the statement of a person signing, by oath, an evidence or fact before a person/officer having authority to administer an oath. It can be used as an effective admissible evidence in court and also it serves to ensure the authenticity of the identity of a person changing his/her name.
  2. Newspaper Publication – It is very much necessary for one to publish the change of one’s name in a regional as proof for change in identity. And also to ensure that it is publicly acknowledged for everyone to know. Without the publication of the ad, the Affidavit will serve no purpose.
  3. Gazette Notification – Publish your name in the local gazette or central gazette. The procedure for the same must be learned by contacting the local Panchayat Raj Department. Gazette publication is not a compulsory step while changing one’s name and it can be skipped unless there arises a necessity or is demanded by a bank or other government authority while availing govt. Services!

Most other States recommend publishing the change of names in Gazette although it is not mandatory to do so. The same is with the change of names in Uttar Pradesh too. In UP, it is mostly ignored more because of the difficulty in the procedure and less as a result of a non-mandatory clause. In fact, no rules have been laid out or have respective authorities been assigned to carry out such a purpose. Hence, practically, the change of name process ends with the publication of name change ad.

Affidavit For Name Change – An Affirmation

As previously mentioned, the role of an affidavit is to record the statement of a person on the current or future change in facts. It is hence, not just a document but an instrument, one which expects its wielder to pay Stamp Duty and get it attested by the Notary Public/Oaths Commissioner/Magistrate.

Once you have prepared the necessary document from us, only a person appointed for the purpose of oath administration can attest your Affidavit. However, before drafting your Affidavit, pick the right type of Affidavit suiting to your needs –

  1. Affidavit for change of name
  2. Affidavit for one and the same person
  3. Affidavit for change of name after marriage
  4. Affidavit for change of name of minor
  5. Affidavit for change of name in passport – Annexure E
  6. Affidavit for change of name due to change in religion

And many more types can be written if there should be others reasons to change one’s name. Fitting the requirements of the person in question, an Affidavit can be mended. Start making your Affidavit now, by using our customizable templates, designed to be user-friendly as our motto is to be a do-it-yourself portal, one that can replace the traditional method of visiting lawyers.

Newspaper Publication

Give us the necessary information and wait to see your name change ad appear in your local newspapers – mostly in the classified section. Now, with LegalDesk, you can without hassles get your name change published at whichever State you are residing in. Things to be mentioned in a newspaper ad –

  1. Your old and new name
  2. Husband/father’s name
  3. The name of the notary or oath administrator that attested your affidavit
  4. Date of the attestation of the Affidavit

Gazette Publication In UP Gazette

For Gazette Publication, it is recommended for one to fill the respective proforma issued by the Panchayat Raj Department who apart from controlling the Gram Sabha aspects of Panchayats also publish district-wise Gazettes. Contact the respective district’ Panchayat Raj department to understand the procedure of gazette publication or visit the office and procure the proforma.

Everything You’ll Need For Gazette Publication

On the reason behind the change of name while gazette publication, you are requested to attach the following-

  1. Self-attested copy of Identity Proof (PAN Card, Driving Licence, Aadhar Card, Passport, or Election/Voter’s ID)
  2. 2 recent passport size photographs with self-attestation
  3. An undertaking duly signed by the applicant
  4. Original Newspaper in which name change ad was published
  5. Prescribed proforma in duplicate duly typed with signature of applicant and 2 witnesses
  6. A C.D. containing the print matter
  7. A certificate declaring that the contents of the hard copy and soft copy are similar
  8. A request letter

From Our Desk To Your Doorstep

Start drafting your Affidavit for Name Change by clicking the button below and customize the template suiting your needs. You can also opt for our name change package, in which we help you in the entire process of getting your name changed legally and publishing the same in Gazette. If you should have any queries, you can contact our support team to have them resolved. If you already have the draft ready you can upload the document to our website as we procure the Stamp papers and have the document printed on the same and then deliver the same to your doorstep, through our Print and Delivery service.

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  • ***PAWAN KUMAR AGRAWAL*** says: posted on 07 Feb, 2018

    hello sir, I highschool marksheet name is pawan kumar add all other 12th, , marksheet name is pawan kumar agrawal . so what is solution for goverment job apply

  • ***Ambika chaudhary*** says: posted on 22 Jan, 2018

    Hello sir, i hv changed my name aftermarriage by court affidavit and published in 2 renowed newspaper. So it is sufficient or i have to do more formalities for this…plz answer me bcause now i am facing problems after change my name.and plz try to contact me if possible.

  • ***Santosh Mathew*** says: posted on 11 Jan, 2018

    I hv changed my name through Maharashtra state government gazette. Is this gazette is applicable to Kerala state as I am a Keralite, staying in Mumbai. It is just a one letter correction in the name.

  • ***LegalDesk team*** says: posted on 25 Jul, 2017

    Hi Mr. Singh, You need to create an Affidavit on stamp paper, secondly, place an ad in a recognized Indian Daily newspaper, and submit it along with other requisite documents for the Gazette notification.
    To avail our name change package, click on the link and submit your details, or for more information, kindly get in touch with us @ 080-46682600.

  • ***Harjindra Singh*** says: posted on 25 Jul, 2017

    I am a teacher in up basic education. I want to change my name in all my documents. What should I do.

  • ***Poornima*** says: posted on 22 Jul, 2017

    Hi Arvind, our team would be happy to help. You will receive an email from our team with required details.

  • ***ARVIND KUMAR*** says: posted on 21 Jul, 2017

    Good day
    I have applied for correction in my pan card details as my father name on my pan card is completely wrong.They have printed somebody else name in fathers name column.Now they are asking for publication of fathers name change in official gazette. Problem is my father name was never changed.So kindly advise how to make a gazette notification.awaiting for your response in anticipation.
    Thanks & brgds.

  • ***Poornima*** says: posted on 21 Jul, 2017

    Hi, thank you for reaching out to us. We will definitely help you in changing your name. One of our executives will call you soon. Meanwhile, please click this link and submit your details –

  • ***Gajendra singh*** says: posted on 21 Jul, 2017

    Hello, I m a central government employee& I want to change my name in my sleep I’d s proof like department I’d adharcard ,pancard or driving license etc .please tell me ,can I change my full name or only can do shortform of my name because I don’t like my present name
    People make mockery of my name
    Please contact with me on this email

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